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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-17 10:00:00

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If WWE ever gets a chance to have The Rock wrestle again, who would you have him face and who would win?

This is a hard one.  Honestly, if they can get The Rock, they have to make the most of the appearance.  Having him lose wouldn’t make much sense to me.  He is the highest paid actor in America and the fans wouldn’t want to see him lose anyway since it would such a special occasion.  So, the best way I can see to use him is to have him be a mystery partner for someone that got viciously attacked (but hopefully not Roman Reigns since that would end up being a cluster due to fans hating Roman).

I really love Oney Lorcan.. can't help but admire that 'Pure Rassler' nowadays.. I have really enjoyed him in NXT, is it ever possible he can be NXT Champion one day? That would be a great story!

I like him too.  Right now I don’t see it happening.  Down the road?  Who knows.  He has a ton of talent so it wouldn’t surprise me.

I have a question about wrestler's finishers. Maybe it's me. But so many of the finishers that the wrestlers are using seem so weak, like they don't, and couldn't really hurt their opponent. The cameraman being in a revealing position certainly does not help. But WWE does not seem to care, replaying that move over and over again, from the same camera angle. When Seth Rollins’ pedigree and Finn Balor's Coup De Grace are two examples. What do you think?

Wrestling is simulated fighting.  Actually jumping on a guy’s chest or dropping him on his head would hurt him.  As long as finishes are set up as finishes, for the most part I just keep in mind that it’s not real fighting and I am fine with the performance art that I am watching.

It seems as if whenever the WWE is in say, Boston or St. Louis, then the announcers would constantly mention the city they're in as well as show plenty of exterior shots of the city. By contrast, whenever the WWE is in a lesser market like Kansas City or Seattle, then the announcers don't mention the city nor show any exterior shots. Thoughts?

I have never really noticed that.

Have you guys seen the mockumentary on HBO called Tour de Pharmacy? It has quite a few big names in it (Kevin Bacon, Danny Glover, Andy Sandburg, and Jeff Goldblum) as well as John Cena.  Probably the funniest role I've seen Cena do.

I did.  Cena was good in it.  I find he can be very funny at times, it’s just usually not when he is doing wrestling promos.

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