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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-16 10:00:00

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I totally get WWE having a no-blading policy, but why is it that WWE is so intent on avoiding showing blood when someone gets busted open the hard way (i.e. Matt Hardy at GBOF), but is all for showing wrestlers smeared in fake blood that looks the exact same (i.e. Braun Strowman at the same show)? Seems kind of silly to me to play the family-friendly card with real blood and tear that card up when it comes to fake blood.

You answered your own question: Fake blood is fake.  If a sponsor partner like Mattel asked why they showed blood, they can say it was fake and it’s no different than someone bleeding on any other TV show.  When it’s real, it’s not planned or part of the script so they don’t want to be accused of sensationalizing it.

Is WWE programming eligible for technical categories in, say, the Emmys? Obviously it's not getting any nods for acting or writing-- EVER-- but the lighting, editing, camerawork and such have always been highly impressive in my opinion in terms of television production.

Yes it is.  The company would love to get recognized too.  I think they deserve some nominations as well.  They present a great product, no doubt.

Are WWE employees like timekeepers, announcers, commentators and producers considered "regular" corporate employees? Or are they also considered independent contractors like the wrestlers? Where does that line appear in terms of creative and onscreen employees?

WWE has two classifications, independent contractors and employees.  The wrestlers are the former and are paid a sum and are responsible for their own taxes.  Mostly everyone else is an employee and thus gets the perks that come with it.  They usually have other jobs within the company as well, like refs being the ring crew, etc.

Isn't the TNA baseball stadium shows pretty much Jarrett doing what he did with GFW (which flopped), just using the TNA name and roster instead? Is it cheaper to run the baseball stadiums and what happens if it rains?

If it rains, they get wet.  Generally those shows are sold, meaning that the team pays to bring in the matches.

Now that TNA has a working agreement with AAA did they just throw their agreement with Konnan's Crash company to the curb? Funny how that promotion is never mentioned anymore on TNA shows.

But Konnan is.  So at least he has a spot on the show.  Whether they work again with Konnan’s company or not, at least he got work out of it.  You can’t blame GFW for working with a bigger promotion.  That’s just good business.

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