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By Andrew Twiss on 2017-07-15 00:33:00

As you may guess, The Mae Young Classic was two nights of amazing wrestling.  I am not trying to be over the top or dramatic here, but this event is going to change some lives.

Mercedes Martinez has gotten more of a platform than ever after years upon years toiling for that shot. When Triple H came out to shake her hand after her loss, she was quite emotional.

I would be stunned if Jazzy Gabert doesn't get signed after this.  She became the new favorite of Full Sail.

Piper Niven also made a huge statement for herself. If she's free and clear of her ITV deal, WWE would be wise to get her.

Bianca BelAir is a scary good prospect. She may be the best female prospect I've ever seen in terms of raw athletic ability. She's picking her in ring skills up at an impressive rate. If she stays healthy, she will be a major player.

Additional notes from the second taping:

- There was no follow up filmed in regards to the teased 4 Horsewomen vs. 4 Horsewomen feud.

- Besides Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch, the following were all brought out and shown on camera: Ronda Rousey, Marina Sharif, and Jessamyn Duke, Drew Gulak, Funaki, Lana, Emma, Kalisto, and Johnny Gargano. 

- In the match between the 3rd and 4th episodes: Jazzy Gabert, Tessa Blanchard, and Kay Lee Ray def Marti Belle, Sarah Logan, and Santana Garrett. 

- At various points, Stephanie was hanging out ringside with what I believe were her daughters.

- Also between the 3rd and 4th match, Triple H came out. The crowd chanted "Please sign Jazzy."  Hunter chuckled and said, "You chanted that the last time and it cost me a bunch of money" - obvious in reference to Cedric Alexander in the Cruiserweight Classic.  

Triple H then got down to business and thanked the fans for making this happen. He told a story about how many guys he's seen who put in the work for a chance to chase the rainbow for that big pot of gold at the end of it. He then said the women were chasing that same rainbow, only there was no pot of gold at the end. He pointed out that this tournament was their pot of gold.  

Triple H then brought the person he said was most responsible for the Women's Revolution: Sara Amato. He joked that she told him she hated him for bringing her out on stage. Hunter then put over that Sara never got that pot of gold she deserved, but she had made it her mission to make sure the next generation had those opportunities. Amato was presented with a bouquet and received a standing ovation.  She was obviously very moved.

- After their victories in the semi finals, each winner was presented with a bouquet and congratulated by Triple H, Sara Amato, and Stephanie McMahon.

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