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By Andrew Rogers on 2017-07-14 09:00:00

Here are the results from NXT at the PNE AgroDome in Vancouver.  I'd say there are roughly 1700 people here tonight.

No Way Jose def. Kona Reeves
Lots of good crowd interaction from Jose.

Ruby Riot & Ember Moon def. Peyton Royce & Billie Kaye

Velveteen Dream cuts a backstage promo, says he's the "best there is, best there was & the best there ever will be", drawing huge boos from the crowd.

Authors of Pain def. Heavy Machinery
Akam is a local guy so the AOP get the crowd support in this one.

Aleister Black def. Velveteen Dream
Started slow but built into a really good match. Only match of the night that gets a "this is awesome" chant.


Lars Sullivan def. ???? (Sorry - missed his name while returning to my seat)

Asuka def. Nikki Cross

Roderick Strong & Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Roode & Andredas Almas when McIntrye pinned Almas.

Roode tried his best to get the crowd to boo, calling British Columbia the butt crack of Canada, but the crowd kept piling on the love. Roode got the biggest reactions of the night, by far.

After the match, Almas gets in Roode's face. Roode eventually retaliates and hits a glorious DDT on Almas. Crowd goes crazy and Bobby drapes himself in the Canadian flag to send the fans home happy. A couple of pictures are attached.

Good night from Vancouver!


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