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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-12 09:41:00

Dave Marquez, longtime promoter of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has bought into Combat Zone Wrestling and is now part-owner of the company, can confirm.

The two had been working together for some time with talent from each respective promotion working for the other.   Marquez's involvement as owner was revealed to the CZW locker room this past Saturday 7/8 at the promotion's event in Voorhees, NJ.

Founded in 1999 by John Zandig, CZW was purchased by David "DJ Hyde" Markland in 2009.  


Wrestling Bus Trips is back to run an event to a special "Once in A Lifetime " event presented by Combat Zone Wrestling featuring Japanese legend Atsushi Onita facing Father Matt Tremont for the first time in what will be Onita's first and final no ropes barbed wire explosion match in the United States.  CZW's event is being held at the Flyers Skatezone in Voorhees, NJ and will be the ONLY Onita match in the United States, fulfilling his decades-long dream of bringing an explosion match Stateside.

The remainder of the CZW card will be announced in the weeks to come but Lio Rush will make his final appearance for CZW vs. Joey Janella plus Japanese stars RAIJIN-Yaguchi and Hideki Hosaka will also be coming to the United States to appear on the event.

The price of the trip will be $100, which will include round trip transportation via charter bus, your general admission ticket to the event, a tip for the driver transporting us and first admission into the venue before anyone else, in order to assure that everyone on the trip has the best choice of general admission seating, providing you with the best views possible of Onita vs. Tremont!

The CZW trip will pick up from the following locations:

1:30 PM - White Castle (43-02 Queens Boulevard) in Elmhurst, Queens.

2 PM - The Manhattan Center/Hammerstein Ballroom (311 West 34th Street) in Manhattan.

From there it is on to the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ!

When the event is over, we will head back to the bus and return to NYC, having seen a "Once in A Lifetime" event!

For additional information, email

Paypal payments are now being accepted at that email address as well.

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