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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-07-10 23:02:00

Last night at Great Balls of Fire, Roman Reigns battled Braun Strowman in an ambulance match.  After the match, Roman Reigns took out the frustration of losing the match to put Strowman into the ambulance and back it into the trailer of a semi truck.

We are in Houston, Texas and your announcers are Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Booker T

Colin Cassady makes his way to the ring.

Colin has a sarcastic How You Doin' and he says he is feeling spectacular.  He says he cannot feel any better about what he did to Enzo last night.  Colin has them show photos of what happened on Sunday.  When there was a glimpse of hope he ended it with a boot to the face.  Colin says he was standing over Enzo, just like he always has been.

Colin says that was not the best part.  The best part was on pay per view.  We see video of Enzo being helped in the back.

Colin says that should serve as notice to the entire locker room.  From the bottom of the totem pole to the top of the totem pole.  That is what happens when you mess with Big Cass.  To all of the people who never supported him, don't for a second think you can support him now.  He says not to hop on the bandwagon because he is the future of WWE.  To all of the doubters, one day he will be the Universal Champion and when he wins the title, he will shove it down each and every one of your throats.  Colin says he will be Universal Champion.  He will main event Wrestlemania.  He will be on The Tonight Show.  He will represent the WWE.  Nobody can touch him.  Nobody is on his level.  Nobody can see him eye to eye. 

Big Show's music plays and he makes his way to the ring.  

They stand across from each other in the ring and Colin has some words for him.  Show with a head butt and he punches Cassady and has him in a front face lock.  Show with a Gator Roll and he punches Colin and kicks him.  Show with knees to Cassady.  

Cassady gets out of the ring.

The announcers talk more about the aftermath of the ambulance match and we will get an update later tonight.

Brock Lesnar will be on Raw tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Elias Samson is in the ring and he wants to know who wants to walk with Elias.  He needs the people of Houston to keep your cell phones down and hold your applause until he is finished.  Elias says he wrote this for Finn Balor.  

Finn Balor's not the savior, he's just a man.  He tried to upstage him, but didn't understand.  Tonight, he knocks him off his pedestal and leaves him laying again.  Not a single man was the same since he was through.  Houston, we have a problem . . . 

Finn Balor's music interrupts.

Match Number One:  Elias Samson versus Finn Balor

They lock up and Samson with a slam.  They lock up again and Samson tries for a slam but Balor lands on his feet and kicks Samson.  Balor with a side head lock and he holds on when Samson tries to send him off the ropes.  Samson with an elbow.  Samson with a sunset flip and Balor rolls through and hits a drop kick.  Samson with a shoulder in the corner and follows with an Irish whip.  Balor moves when Samson goes into the corner.  Balor with an enzuigiri and he goes up top but Balor rolls to the floor. 

We go to commercial.

We are back and Samson with a chop as he is now in control.  Samson with a suplex for a near fall.  We see footage of a leaping knee drop to the back of the neck during the commercial break.  Samson with a full nelson.  Balor with an elbow and rollup for a near fall.  Balor with another elbow but Samson with a knee to the midsection and he sends Balor into the turnbuckles.  Samson runs into boots from Balor and Balor wtih a clothesline and forearm followed by a drop kick to the temple.  Balor with a running chop into the corner followed by an Irish whip and chop.  Samson with a boot and he goes to the turnbuckles.

Balor with an enzuigiri to send Samson to the floor followed by a baseball slide.  Balor goes for the running kick on the apron but Samson blocks it and Samson sends Balor face first into the apron.  Samson with an elbow drop and he applies a Fujiwara arm bar.  Balor gets to the ropes and Samson takes his time to release the hold.  Balor with a single leg take down and he hits a double stomp.  Both men are down.

Balor gets to his feet first and he misses an elbow in the corner.  Samson with punches and kicks.  Samson with a forearm to the chest but Balor with forearms.  Samson with an arm wringer and he gets a near fall.  Samson with another arm wringer and he gets a near fall.  Balor with a Pele Kick and he hits Sling Blade.  Balor with the running drop kick that sends Samson into the turnbuckles.  Balor goes up top for Coup de Grace and the three count.

Winner:  Finn Balor

After the match, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy come out and they shake Finn's hand. 

Matt and Jeff go to the ring.and we go to commercial.

We are back and Matt and Jeff are in the ring.  We see the footage from the end of the match.

Jeff says they battled Sheamus and Cesaro for thirty minutes and they were one second short.  They failed to regain the titles again.  People in the back think the Hardys are past their prime.  Jeff suggests that they think the Hardys should fade away and classify themselves as obsolete.  Matt says they are here to make a proclamation and they are not going anywhere.  They are not done making magic in the WWE Universe.

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come out.  Luke says it wasn't other tag teams, it was them.  Karl says you seem proud of your performance.  All you showed was that you were not the Hardy Boyz of old, you were the Old Hardy Boyz.  Luke tells the nerds to get out of the ring and practice your magic elsewhere because they are the magic killers.

Matt says they are a little bruised and broken, but if you think you rule the ring, why not have a referee come out and have a match right now?

Match Number Two:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy

Matt and Karl start things off and Matt with punches.  Matt with a shoulder tackle and side head lock.  Jeff tags in and kicks Anderson and connects with a forearm to the back.  Matt and Jeff with a double belly-to-back suplex.  Then they kick Gallows and Irish whip him into the corner and Jeff with Poetry in Motion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Gallows with a side head lock.  Jeff with elbows but Gallows with a clothesline.  We see footage of Anderson blocking a sit out jaw breaker during the break.  Anderson tags in and hits a flying boot while Gallows has Jeff in the air.  Jeff with a jaw breaker and he tags in Matt.  Matt with forearms and he sends Anderson into the turnbuckles.  Matt with a running clothesline into the corner but Anderson avoids the bulldog.  Matt with a Side Effect and Matt knocks Gallows off the apron.  Matt with a screaming elbow to the back of the neck from the turnbuckles.  Matt with a kick but Anderson avoids the Twist of Fate.  Anderson with an elbow and Gallows with a kick from the apron.  Anderson and Gallows hit Magic Killer on Matt for the three count.

Winners:  Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

The Revival make their way to the ring and they walk past Gallows and Anderson.  Dash and Scott attack The Hardys.  Wilder with a knee to Matt's temple off the turnbuckles and then they hit Shatter Machine on Jeff.

We go to commercial.

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