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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-11 10:00:00

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If you were a cruiserweight, working 205 Live, how would you feel about your title, your "brass ring", your cherry on top, being defended on the PRE-SHOW of a PPV that is not even a major PPV?  I'm of the mind that at no point in time should a TITLE be relegated to the preshow. 

I agree 100 percent.  I have said the same thing many times in the past.  Title matches belong on the MAIN show, not on the free per view.  I hate when they do that.

On Monday, you reported that the masked women in the front row at Slammiversary was Alberto El Patron's sister, but everyone is saying that it was Paige. And it looked like Paige, even to the same tattoos on her arm. What is the real story? Who was it? And if it was Paige can she get in trouble by WWE for being there, even though she didn't show her face?

Mike reported that and Mike was right. As you know, I know the person that asked this question and I saw the lying troll that went on your Facebook page to start trouble.  That guy is toxic.  Divorce yourself from him.  If you believe a moron like that, you will be misled a lot.

It seems like quietly WWE has signed a new class at the performance as we've seen people like Bobby Fish, Gunner, and others begin working shows. With the Mae Young on the horizon that will likely lead to an influx of women being signed as well. Do you think we could be headed towards another Black Friday in WWE and NXT? There are only so spots for talent and it seems like some would need to go to ale room for everyone.

I really think that at this point WWE will hold on to more talents than not, provided that they don’t suffer some financial setback that makes them decide to cut costs.  With two brands on USA, NXT, the UK and other ideas they have, they need talent.  Before anyone from the main roster gets axed I would rather see them move to the UK or NXT and help with younger talents.

I was recently looking at an article on wikipedia entitled “List of WWE Champions”. In a section tittles “Combined Reigns” they have two separate columns, 1 the combined days a tittle was held and a second for the combined days a tittle was held as recognised by WWE. Why is this? For example, Triple H is listed as holding the WWE Champion 9 times, recognised as holding the belt for 609 (combined days) but recognised by WWE as 610 days another would be The Miz as 1 time champion recognised as holding the belt for 160 but by WWE as only 159.

I am not the one to ask about Wikipedia content but my hunch would be that they are talking about when someone won a belt say a Raw taping, but WWE didn’t recognize it until it aired on TV.

I have a question about Universal HD. As a DirecTV subscriber I received the following message: Starting on July 14, 2017, the Universal HD channel will no longer be available. NBC Universal, a parent company to Universal HD, has decided to permanently cancel this channel.  My question to you, how does this affect WWE’s rebroadcasts of Raw & Smackdown? Will it only be on the WWE Network going forward. Any details on why NBC Universal is pulling the plug on Universal HD would be great.

Comcast, the owner, decided to replace it with The Olympic Channel.  It made more sense to them since the UHD channel was already established.  At present, Hulu will have replays and down the road the WWE Network.  You can also watch clips on YouTube.  If WWE announces replays anywhere else we will report it.

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