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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-10 10:00:00

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Cesaro without his tape? Gee, I hardly recognized him! lol It's about time.

I don’t see the issue.  It is helps him with an injury, or even if he thinks it does, what is the harm?  I don’t have an issue.  Plus, a lot of athletes use it.  You just don’t see them without their shirts on.

I really think that WWE is trying too hard to appeal to pop culture, at the expense of some real fans. Miz's segment on Monday :awful! I had no idea who those people were, and didn't care. And the whole thing seemed pointless. Then on SD that "rap battle" was just, to me, a total waste of time. I find it hard that people enjoyed either of these segments. Well at least it gives me time to use the washroom and get some  What's your take on all this?

WWE loves anything that will get them mainstream publicity.  Lavar Ball and Wale do that for them.  So, they use them.  They look at their product as much more than just wrestling so you can expect that kinds of appearances to continue.

From a storyline standpoint, if John Cena has no contract and is a free agent how can he appear on both shows? I know the WWE’s audience is kids, and kids don’t really worry about the small details, but surely an angle were both GM’s compete for him and he signs both contracts and thus ‘legally able’ to appear on both shows is a better angle than him suddenly being unemployed and insured to wrestle?

I just look at it like since he is a free agent and the Franchise and the best ever and all of the other hype, why couldn’t the GMs let him work whenever he wanted?  He’s ratings Jack!  Except on the Fourth Of July.

Rusev & Lana. I don't get what WWE is doing with them. Why are they having Lana go into all these bouts with Naomi and then lose? Where do you think this is going? And is it just me, or is Rusev nowhere near a fearsome as he used to be?

I don’t really get it either.  Lana is a great character.  She she be used like Maryse is.  Rusev?  Well the dude is a beast but when you see him on Total Divas, it gives a different view.  But now he gets to be the foreign foil to John Jack God Bless America Cena.  Again.  I agree, the dude is a monster and should be booked as one, but Vince obviously sees him differently.

Despite having a years long relationship with Trump and Linda McMahon being a member of his can, should WWE issue Trump (and the person who made the edited clip of Trump beating up CNN) a cease and desist regarding any use of WWE material?  Technically speaking, it is an unacceptable use of WWE property not to mention that it uses WWE footage to imply that violence towards the press is acceptable. If WWE doesn't tell him to stop (whether or not he actually edited the video himself), it is in essence approving of it's intended message. 

I don’t know the parody laws.  It might be usable under that realm.  If it’s me, I don’t do that.  What’s the point?  Trump tweeted it.  He isn’t using it on any kind of regular basis and isn’t trying to make money.  I think it’s best to just let it run its course.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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