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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-05 10:00:00

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It's obvious that Shinsuke Nakamura on Smackdown isn't working and needs some kind of reset. What's your opinion on the following scenario?  Make him the Paul Heyman guy of Smackdown so that Paul Heyman becomes his mouthpiece/advocate. It would give Heyman more TV time and allow Nakamura to just wrestle.  Come Wrestlemania time Brock isn't too happy about the Heyman-Nakamura relationship and challenges Nakamura to fight at Wrestlemania. Make it the only cross brand match.  Nakamura wins and with Heyman by his side chases the title after Wrestlemania.

Putting Paul Heyman with any top guy is always a good thing but honestly, I don’t think Nakamura needs that.  His problem has been how he has been booked, not in his ability.  I would like to see him booked better because if he is, he will get over.  Even if they put Heyman with him, if they book him badly it won’t help a lot.

I have a question in regards to the restraining order that Vince Russo has against Jim Cornette.  Cornette is often involved with the wrestling conventions, where he hosts events, signs autographs and other appearances.  If Vince Russo can find a vendor stupid enough to bring him in for an autograph signing at one of these conventions, could that prevent Jim Cornette from being able to appear? Or would Russo himself be breaking the order by agreeing to appear while knowing Cornette will be there?

I am no legal scholar but I would think that the promoter would be aware of the order and decide who he wanted more at the event (and 99 times out of 100 that will cost Russo a payday).  If not, if I am Cornette I would just get to the building first and make Russo the one that can’t come in. That would be karma!

After such a weak return at Raw, do you think Braun Strowman can get his momentum back?

I have enjoyed Braun’s work.  Him pasting Reigns into the ambulance last week was strong.  I think his momentum is fine.

I have been watching every PPV for a number of years now, and I have to say that MITB was THE worst PPV I have ever seen (that I can remember)! The levels of stupidity and ridiculousness it sank to amazed me. And I was surprised at how little they seemed to know about how to pace a good show. I don't want to waste your space with everything I thought was wrong, but I value your thoughts; was it as bad as I remember?

I didn’t enjoy it either.  It definitely came across like a throwaway, as have many of the B shows.  Conversely, the build to GBOF has been strong and I am really looking forward to the show.

The message seems clear.  WWE is burgeoning in foreign markets.  I have no problem with the booking to cater to that.  But does this hurt them in the long run?  Their main source of revenue is from US television deals and they've seen diminishing returns.  Can they keep up with this or is maybe a little farsighted when it comes to the bottom line?

I see no reason why it has to hurt them in the US.  If things are done properly, they can expand abroad and stay strong at home.  I like the idea of cultivating new talent and setting up region specific territories.  I don’t see how that affects TV revenue.

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