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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-01 23:45:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 Special from Long Beach, CA at the Long Beach Convention Center. 

The Young Bucks & Marty Scurll & Bad Luck Fale & Yujiro Takahashi vs. Briscoes & Roppongi Vice & Will Ospreay

Scurll and Ospreay started out and went back and forth, testing the other with lots of takedowns and reversals.   Scurll went to the floor.  Ospreay teased a dive but instead bounced off the ropes, grandstanding.  Takahashi attacked Ospreay from behind.  Jay Briscoe tagged in, as did Fale.  The Briscoes took down Fale, followed by Yujiro.  Jay hit a dive to the floor.  It turned into the Young Bucks show with all their big moves.  Scurll caught Jay with a superkick off the apron.  The Bucks hit stereo dive to the outside on the Briscoes.    Ospreay nailed a shooting star off the top onto everyone on the floor.  The announcers had Mark and Jay reversed.

Back in the ring, Mark Briscoe went at it with Scurll, who snapped his fingers.   This led to a hot sequence with everyone hitting big moves.  Ospreay caught a charging Scurll with a standing Spanish Fly.  Romero hit a sweet hurancanrana on Matt Jackson.  He nailed a series of clotheslines on the Bucks.   Bad Luck Fale challenged Rocky, who charged with a clothesline, to no effect.  Fale grabbed him for a chokeslam but Beretta hit the ring.  RPG Vice worked over Fale but he wiped them down with a double clothesline. 

Fale nailed a Razor's Edge over the top to the floor, wiping out everyone on the floor.  The Briscoes attacked Fale and worked him over in the corner.  Fale kicked off Jay as he charged and backdropped Mark over the top.   The Bucks and The Briscoes battled.  The Bucks nailed a bucklebomb/enziguiri.  The Bucks tried to set up for the Meltzer Driver but Romero shocked them for a forward roll for the pin.

Your winners, Briscoes & Roppongi Vice & Will Ospreay!

Matt Jackson complained after that he can't lose on TV.  Jim Ross quipped, "Well, you did."

Jushin Liger & Volador Jr & Dragon Lee & Titan vs BUSHI & EVIL & SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi.

Takahashi came out carrying a stuffed toy cat, which seemed to bewilder Jim Ross.  I don't think Jim would have seen that in Mid-South Wrestling!

Big pop and pyro for Liger.  Takahashi gave Ross the cat, which seemed to really confuse poor old JR even more.

Volador Jr. and BUSHI started out.  Volador nailed a rana that sent him outside.  Liger tagged in to a big pop.  SANADA offered Liger a handshake.  Liger was careful as he took it but EVIL attacked him from behind.   Liger outtricked them and set up for a dive on SANADA but was tripped up by EVIL.  SANADA tried to take off the mask but was stopped by Dragon Lee.   Lots of good action all the way through leading to Lee and Takahahi reprising their CMLL feud.  Everyone battled.  They placed a chair around Lee's head and drilled him with another chair.  Takahashi then hit the Time Bomb and scored the pin.

Your winners, BUSHI & EVIL & SANADA & Hiromu Takahashi!

All action.

Jim Ross noted that Cody was challenging for the IWGP belt tonight, quipping, "Poor bastard doesn't have a last name."

IWGP U.S. Championship First Round match: Jay Lethal vs. Adam Hangman Page

They noted on commentary that Jay Lethal suffered injuries at the hands of the Beer City Bruiser eight days ago.   Lethal had his ribs taped.

Page attacked him from behind, kmocking him to the floor as he posed on the ropes.   Page and Lethal battled on the floor.  Lethal was sent into the ring, but caught Page with a tope suicida into Page, who crashed into a barricade that fell over.  Lethal brought him back into the ring, scoring a near fall.  Jay hiptossed Page and cartwheeled into a dropkick for a two count.  

Page took over on Lethal and sent him to the floor, then hit a shooting star off the apron into a shoulder tackle.   Page hit a lariat in the corner.   Page hit a fall away slam into a bridge for a two count.   Lethal came back with several chops and went for the Lethal Injection but was caught and turned into an abdominal stretch.   Page drilled his injured ribs with elbows.  Lethal was able to roll through and nailed a big kick.  He nailed a discus forearm and hit an Ace Crusher.  Lethal went to the top and hit the flying elbow, but hurt himself and it took him a bit to cover.  He only scored a two count.

Lethal went for a figure four but was small packaged for a two count.  Page caught him with lariat that sent Lethal inside out for another two count.   Lethal made a comeback including the backbreaker into a DDT.  He went for the springboard cutter but hurt himself executing it.  Lethal and Page fired back and forth with punches.   Lethal nailed another handstand into a cutter and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Jay Lethal!

Another good match that told a good physical story.

Coverage continues on Page 2!

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