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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-01 14:27:00

For those asking about which championship belts the company will use after "unifying" the championships this Sunday, we are told that Anthem has ordered new belts that may be used as soon as this weekend.

The Slammiversary Fan Interaction event is ongoing right now at the Doubletree in Orlando, Florida.  GFW champ Alberto el Patron arrived about 90 minutes late due to travel issues flying in this morning from Mexico. [UPDATE - A GFW source stated that Patron was only "20 minutes" late and that he was scheduled to start later than others because he had Combate Americas commitments yesterday in Mexico.]

Impact released the following video from the Fan Interaction event:


You can pre-order the Slammiversary PPV via the Fite App and receive $4 credit to use on the App. To download the Fite App and use the app to watch the PPV on your streaming device or to stream to your Roku, click here.

If you order the PPV below, you can even watch the PPV THIS Sunday 7/2 right here on

After tomorrow's PPV, the company will be taping TV starting Monday 7/3-through Thursday 7/6.  I don't believe they have a released a schedule of what times the tapings will kick off, yet.  If anyone is attending the tapings, we are seeking spoiler reports.


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