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By Dave Scherer on 2017-07-02 10:00:00

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So TNA is now Global Force Wrestling.  I mean this with all sincerity, is there a better worker in the business than Jeff Jarrett?  He took what was largely just a paper company and leveraged it into an ownership position at Impact.

I don’t know if he is the greatest worker ever but I agree with you.  To take what was really an idea more than an actual entity (sorry, but if you don’t run more than a handful of shows in three years I just can’t say you are an active company) and sell Anthem on renaming the asset that they bought in TNA on being recast as your company, then selling it to them?  It’s brilliant, no doubt about it.

How awesome was Okada-Omega 2?

It was off the charts and every bit as good as the first match.  The sixty minutes flew by. Those guys tore down the house.  It was an amazing match and having Jim Ross and Josh Barnett on the call just made it better for me.  I think I need to start watching more New Japan.

Obviously a lot of negative feedback to the MITB Womens match were James Elsworth got the briefcase. Fans, sites, even Lawler and Austin voicing their disapproval at it. However, the live crowd were chanting YES as Elsworth did it. Does this reaction justify WWE’s decision doing it? I mean the live crowd reacted positively?

I don’t think WWE worries about justifying it.  And they took that finish and rolled it into a week when the women of their three brands main-evented their respective TV shows in strong matches.  It’s definitely a win in the end to me.

So Daniel Bryan says he’s wants to wrestle again when his WWE contract finishes (and has been saying it for quite some time now). But do think any wrestling promotion or any wrestler will take the risk on him knowing that 1 wrong move could seriously injure the guy or worse. After all the biggest wrestling company on the planet won’t take that risk on him and he’s 1 of the biggest attractions.

I disagree.  There is a company somewhere, and a wrestler somewhere, that would do it.  All you have to do is look at some of the things we have seen on the indies to realize that.

Secondly do you actually believe he will wrestle again or is he just just teasing?

I wish I had the answer.  I hope to hell he is just teasing but he has been very adamant about wanting to wrestle again so it does scare me a bit.  With all we know about concussions now he is being ridiculous in my opinion.  Even without the brain scan information, he has suffered concussions in the past and had seizures to boot.  He is a young man with a wife and a daughter.  I believe he needs to put them first and do all he can to make sure nothing happens to him.  He is not like a guy with no medical history.  He has significant history and it shouldn’t be ignored.

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