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By Richard Trionfo on 2017-06-28 20:57:00

We are at Full Sail University and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson, and the returning Mauro Ranallo.

Match Number One:  Velveteen Dream versus Ho Ho Lun

They lock up and Dream wants Lun held back by the referee.  They lock up and Lun with a wrist lock.  Dream backs Lun into the corner and we have a break.  They lock up and Dream with a side head lock.  Lun with forearms while Dream holds on to the side head lock.  Lun with a side head lock and kick followed by forearms and an elbow. Dream with a boot.  Lun with  waist lock and he tries for a suplex but Dream blocks it and he hits a delayed jackhammer and Dream walks across Lun and goes up top for the elbow drop and he gets the three count.

Winner:  Velveteen Dream

We go to footage from earlier today when Asuka arrived at the arena.  She is asked about facing Nikki.  She says that she is confident, but her car stops suddenly when Nikki appears in front of the vehicle.  Nikki tries to open the door but security stops her.

Nikki is held back by some members of security while others hold their arms out.

We take a look back at a match between Hideo Itami and Oney Lorcan from three weeks ago when Itami gave Lorcan a series of Go to Sleeps.

We go to commercial.

William Regal is in his office and Heavy Machinery and The Authors of Pain are arguing.  William tells them not to do anything physical.  He says Heavy Machinery has earned a tag title match and it will happen in two weeks on NXT.

Paul asks William where did he find Heavy Machinery.  William says they are formidable opponents and he tells The Authors of Pain that they should get ready for the match.

Match Number Two:  Hideo Itami versus Oney Lorcan

Lorcan with a running European uppercut as the bell rings and he connects with chops.  Itami is checked by the referee and we see that Itami is bleeding.  

The officials check on Itami and he is held back before the match is stopped.

Winner:  Oney Lorcan (referee stoppage)

We have a video package for Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode's match next week for the NXT Title.

Roderick says he is where no one thought he would be.  To create this life he had to go through a lot of things.  You become part of your environment and he wanted to get out of his way of life.  Roderick says professional wrestling saved his life.  Wrestling taught him how to deal with everything.  He is not just doing it for him, he is doing it for his family.  

We go to Bobby Roode faking emotion over Roderick's story and his comments about how Roderick is not in his class.  

Roderick says his story is not over yet.  We see the confrontation at Full Sail when Roderick and Bobby brawled.  Roderick says this is the most important chapter of his career.  Bobby says he will not get that happy ending.  Roderick wonders what is Bobby Roode other than his entrance.  Roderick says whatever it takes, he will be NXT Champion.

Hideo Itami comes out and he wants to wrestle again.

Match Number Three:  Hideo Itami versus Oney Lorcan

Itami charges at Lorcan as the bell rings and he kicks Lorcan.  Itami puts Lorcan on the top rope and connects with a kick.  Itami goes to the turnbuckles and hits a knee to the head.  Itami with a snap mare and kick to the back.  Itami runs into an elbow from Lorcan followed by a boot.  Lorcan goes to the turnbuckles but Itami with a forearm to knock him off the turnbuckles and to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lorcan with a chop but Itami with a knee and a series of strikes.  Lorcan with running European uppercuts followed by a running blockbuster for a near fall.  Lorcan with an uppercut and the referee checks on Itami but Itami with a kick to the knee.  Lorcan gets off Itami's shoulders.  Itami with a boot and then he hits a tornado move off the turnbuckles and drops Lorcan on the top rope.  Itami with a clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Lorcan with forearms.  Lorcan gets off Itami's shoulders and Lorcan holds his leg and the referee checks on him and keeps Itami away.

Lorcan does not want to stop the match and he pushes Itami away.  Itami gets Lorcan up and hits a Go To Sleep for the three count.

Winner:  Hideo Itami

After the match, Itami asks for Kassius Ohno to come out.

Ohno makes his way to the ring.  

They talk but forget there are mics.

Nikki Cross shows up and distracts Itami and Ohno.  Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain attack Ohno and Itami.  

Alexander Wolfe talks about forced friendships and he says they have to end these lies.  The best way they do that is . . . 

Killian Dain says chaos.  

Alexander says their maestro Eric Young works on his master plan.  He says he cannot wait to hear it.  As for tonight, the first note will be played by her, as he points to Nikki Cross.  

Nikki hits Wolfe and tells him and Dain to get her.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Four:  Nikki Cross versus Asuka for the Women's Title in a Last Woman Standing Match

The bell rings and Nikki gets up from her seated position.  They lock up and push each other away.  They lock up and push each other away again.  Asuka misses a round kick and they lock up again.  Nikki runs Asuka into the corner and connects with shoulders.  Asuka with forearms and kicks against the ropes.  Asuka with a back heel kick.  Nikki with a cross body and she punches Asuka.  Asuka with a running kick to the temple and she goes for a baseball slide and Nikki pulls out the ring skirt and she connects with punches and forearms and the referee cannot do anything about it.

Nikki looks under the ring and she pulls out some chairs.  

We go to commercial.

We are back and Nikki tries to suplex Asuka onto the chairs but Asuka blocks it.  Asuka tries to suplex Nikki onto the chairs and Nikki blocks it.  Nikki sends Asuka into the ring steps.  The referee starts his count but Nikki picks up Asuka and Asuka Irish whips Nikki into the ring steps and the referee starts his count.  Asuka slams Nikki's head into the ring steps and connects with a forearm to the back.  Asuka sends Nikki back into the ring and Asuka gets a trash can from under the ring.

Asuka throws the trash can into the ring and she throws it away from Nikki.  Asuka hits Nikki with the trash can and then she puts it over Nikki and Asuka kicks the trash can from each side.  Asuka goes to the turnbuckles and hits a missile drop kick.  The referee starts his count on Nikki.  Nikki is back up and Asuka with knees and a kick to the back of the head.  Asuka gets chairs and throws them into the ring.  Nikki and Asuka play tug of war with a chair and Nikki sends Asuka into the guardrails.

Nikki comes off the apron and is met with a knee to the head.  Asuka sends more chairs into the ring and then she kicks Nikki in the leg.  Asuka throws every chair not being used at Full Sail into the ring.  They fight to the apron and Nikki with a shoulder to the midsection.  Asuka with forearms but Nikki with a reverse DDT onto the apron.  Nikki adjusts the chairs in the ring while Asuka gets back to her feet.

Nikki with forearms to the head and back of the head.  Nikki goes to the turnbuckles but Asuka gets to her feet to stop Nikki.  Nikki pushes Asuka off but Asuka with a spinning heel kick and then Asuka press slams Nikki onto the chairs.  Nikki with a belly-to-back suplex onto the chairs.  Both women are down.  Both women get back to their feet.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Asuka kicks Nikki in the chest but Nikki wants more as she laughs and smiles at Asuka.  Asuka has a spinning back fist blocked and Nikki with a neck breaker.  Asuka gets up and she misses a round kick.  Nikki with a head butt to the midsection followed by forearms and then she hits a swinging fisherman's neck breaker and the referee starts his count.  Nikki with a second swinging fisherman's neck breaker and she holds on for another one.  Nikki hits a fourth one and the referee starts his count.

Nikki takes the title belt and she charges at Asuka but Asuka with a round kick and Nikki is down so the referee starts his count.  Nikki is back up and Asuka with a spinning back heel kick and Nikki goes down again as the referee starts his count.  Nikki gets back to her feet and Asuka charges at her and Asuka goes to the apron when Nikki moves.  Asuka tries to suplex Nikki to the floor onto a pile of chairs but Cross holds on and blocks it.  Nikki drops Asuka on the top rope and then Nikki sets for a power bomb onto the chairs and she hits it.

Nikki lays on the apron while the referee makes his count and then Nikki waits on the floor but Asuka gets back to her feet at nine and Nikki is in shock.  Nikki and Asuka fight up the ramp and Asuka tries for a German suplex off the ramp.  Asuka knocks Nikki off the ramp with a forearm and then Asuka with a hip attack off the ramp onto Nikki as the referee starts his count on Nikki.  Nikki is able to get to her feet.

Asuka misses a round kick and a light shatters.  Asuka holds her ankle and the referee starts his count.  Nikki picks up Asuka and he hits a hanging swinging neck breaker and the referee starts his count.  Nikki is up and Asuka gets up at nine but she struggles to stay on her feet.  Asuka with a spinning back fist.  Nikki hits Asuka with a ladder in the midsection.  Nikki sees a table and slams Asuka's head onto it.  Nikki moves the table into a better position and Nikki slams Asuka's head onto the table.

Nikki sets up the ladder and puts Asuka on the table.  Nikki with forearms to keep Asuka on the table.  Nikki climbs the ladder but Asuka grabs the leg and Asuka climbs the ladder as well.  Asuka with a forearm and then she hits a superplex off the ladder through the announce table.

The referee starts his count.  Asuka starts to stir at eight and she gets to her feet at nine as the referee counts Nikki out.

Winner:  Asuka

After the match, we see the officials checking on Nikki, and even in defeat she has a smile on her face.

We go to credits.

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