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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-27 10:00:00

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Where has Rusev been? What is going on there? He was going to come back some weeks ago, then nothing has been heard from or about him since. 

They have just been waiting for the right time to bring him back.  

While I think it's a good move to try to elevate a fresh talent like Baron Corbin by having him win MITB, it makes little sense for a heel Corbin to cash in against a heel Jinder.  So, something has to change before Corbin cashes in, whether it is a face turn by one of them, or a face beating Jinder for the belt before Corbin cashes in.  Which direction would you go to give Corbin the biggest rub when he cashes in?

Technically, they could go heel on heel.  They don’t have to go face/heel.  If they want to go that way, they could always have Orton beat Jinder and then Corbin cashes in right away.  There is no rush to cash in either.  As we have seen in the past, sometimes it seems like forever before the case gets cashed in so there’s no rush.  If they go with it for a while, they could get a lot of heat on Baron if he cashed in on/screwed AJ Styles.

Does Vince McMahon hate NXT's success so much that he'll go to great lengths to make sure mostly everyone who's gotten the call up to the main roster does poorly

I know it seems that way at times but it really just comes down to Vince wants to put his mark on everyone on the roster, for better or often worse.

Why do you think it is that they never seem to acknowledge that Maryse was a women's champion, even when they have the opportunity to?

Technically, she was a Divas champion, which is different than what they do now.  That could be it or it could just be that they want to play her up as more manager than wrestler.

Love the site as always, keep up the great work. About the "Titus Brand," is it intended to be a jab at Lavar Ball and his obnoxious self promotion of his son and his Big Baller Brand? Seems like Apollo Crews is playing the role of understated Lonzo Ball, not speaking too much while Titus/Lavar won't shut up. Or am I reading too much into it? Thoughts?

The comparison could be made.  I have never heard that but it could be.  Titus needs to work on his character if he wants to be as obnoxious as Lavar Ball though.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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