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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-26 10:00:00

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If Brock not being on Raw to defend the title is a big part of Raw's problems, what is the excuse for all the weeks Brock wasn't the champion last year and ratings were dropping back then? Or not significantly higher? Mostly asking this question jovially, but I wonder sometimes if people tend to think hundreds of thousands of people stop watching Raw for all the same reasons, when there's realistically no way to know what may turn off each fan from watching WWE programming.

I said it’s part of the problem.  With that said, in the period after Wrestlemania through the end of June, Raw went under three million viewers once, and only by 30,000.  The same period this year, they went under 3M seven times, and some of them hundreds of thousands of viewers under.  So it has been much worse this year.  It makes sense.  No champion?  You are telling people that things are in stagnant mode.

I may read too much into it, but wasn't Roman Reigns Promo on RAW pretty darn heelish (a word?!), both in delivery and verbiage, plus even in gestures and facial expression? I do get why Vince send Reigns out with the promo he did after Wrestlemania (to mess with the "smart" international crowd), but in the middle of a b-ppv-build up?

It could definitely be seen that way.  I liked that they did it.  If fans are going to boo him, it’s a great way to counter them.  Why should he give a rat’s ass what they think?  The fans that cheer him, he can care about them.  

Could a case be made for Kassius Ohno having taken over Tye Dillinger's Spot as the brand's carpenter, as in the company relies on him having the ability of creating good matches with basically almost all fresh new men  on the roster, of different levels of experience & capability, testing them and at the same time, getting them over?

You could make that argument, sure.  Ohno is definitely a good teacher for the talent, no doubt.

Regarding the Brock/Joe-match this Sunday, so much has been said about who should win and how, what the finish should be and whether they should continue the feud to Summerslam or even further, but what do you think about the potential quality of the match, if they do indeed keep Samoa Joe in the even to Lesnar-role they've been using thus far?  What some may forget, or so it seems at least (mostly because Brock's been positioned in this overwhelming MMA-destroyer role), is that Lesnar is a hell of a worker if needed.  It is something rarely needed out of him due to his current positioning, but in the few times he worked with someone physically imposing like Big Show or the Undertaker, he did uncork this side quite a bit.

I really want to see these two go at it.  I don’t want to see the quick stuff that they did with Goldberg, and I don’t see them needing to.  If it’s me, I book a really physical, competitive match where Brock gets himself DQ’d to save the Title, setting up the rematch at SummerSlam, where Joe wins.  WWE needs change and they need someone to get the rub from Brock.  Now is the time and Joe is the guy.

So Daniel Bryan is apparently working towards an in-ring return.  How does one with the serious concussion issues that he has work towards returning?  I don't care how much work you put into it, no amount of training in the gym can help the brain and nervous system recover from the trauma his has suffered over his career.  If that were true, guys like Edge and Bret Hart would not have had their careers ended when they did.

I couldn’t agree more.  This is a guy that had seizures and hid them. This is a guy who has a wife and baby daughter to think about.  I know he loves and misses wrestling and life isn’t fair, but to me, him stepping in the ring and taking bumps again is not only crazy, but also selfish.  He has his family to think about now.  No matter what test he could pass, he has a serious concussion history and like you said, that doesn’t just go away.  Like you said, Edge and Bret didn’t want to retire but they did the right thing for their families and their lives.  

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