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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-25 10:00:00

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Does Mauro Ranallo’s NXT job validate JBL, since everyone said that Mauro left Smackdown due to JBL?

It doesn’t validate him just like the rumors shouldn’t have convicted him.  Mauro Ranallo knows why he left Smackdown.  He has said it was not due to JBL.  He also said it was about being true to what he believed in.  That COULD mean calling wrestling the way that he likes to call it.  Joey Styles, for example, didn’t want to adapt to WWE’s way of calling matches.  That could hold true for Mauro too.  Or, it could mean something else.  But until he says one way or another exactly why he left, I won’t convict anyone.

Why does Jeff Jarrett keep provoking Reby Hardy?  Every time he does, she dishes more of her personal information to the world (which I find hilarious by the way).  When will he learn that in a battle of the wits with Reby, he’s an unarmed man?

I would not say Jeff is unarmed.  He is a smart guy, but obviously he should stop messing with Reby.  Every time he does, she slaps him harder it seems.  Her releasing the reports on her Twitter a few days ago should be all Jeff needs to finally back off.  Obviously, if there are any skeletons left in the closet and she finds them, I don’t think they will be in the closet long if he keeps provoking her (or even if she just thinks he is).  The bottom line is if I am Jeff, I wouldn’t talk about the Broken gimmick again.  If he does, the fun (for everyone but him) will continue.  Reby is very protective of her family, which I admire a lot since I am the same way.  If you mess with her, you will know you get.  

I read your Russo-Cornette parody and I was laughing out loud.  I really wonder what goes on in the mind of Vince Russo.  I do have a question.  He has always mocked people that criticize him by saying that they should have the “spauldings” to say it to his face.  I won’t even get into the fact that a 60 year old man would use the word “spauldings”.  My question is how is Cornette supposed to say something to Russo’s face now that he has filed the order against him?

Yes, that is a great point. The irony of Russo (well, one of many since he is so contradictory so often) is that he does always challenge people to say things to his face, and that certainly come across as confrontational.  Maybe he doesn’t mean to sound like a tough guy, but that is how it comes across to me.  Then Cornette challenges him to do the same thing and Russo runs and gets a restraining order.  You make a great point.  Russo looks like a hypocrite.

And what is your opinion on why Russo filed the order?

Short and sweet?  I think it was, yet another, cry for attention from Russo.  He does it all the time with his poor man’s Howard Stern schtick and after a while, it stops working.  It’s like in GNR’s Mr. Brownstone, the little got more and more.  He used to be able to say stupid things and get a reaction.  I guess now he has to actually do stupid things to get a reaction.  Maybe his next move will be to streak across the field when the NFL season opens in September.  But hey, at least by answering this he got some attention so that will make him happy.  Ten Rating!

I have noticed you are being more outwardly critical, in columns, lately.  Is there a reason for that?

I love doing them when I have time and particularly when I feel like something needs to be commented on.  There has been a lot of those kinds of things lately so it has stirred the juices.  On days I do audio, I talk about those things on the shows.  On days I do, it can manifest in columns.

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