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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-21 10:00:00

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So with Braun Strowman back, what are the chances that Brock destroys Joe at Great Balls of Fire just to set up Strowman vs Brock for Summerslam? I'd hate to see them do that to Joe but I can see creative going down that path with the way creative has been going lately.  It would be great to get Joe the title so it's back on Raw every week, but logic isn't always a strong suit with WWE.  

Given the way that they have booked recently, you can’t discount the possibility.  My hope is that they realize that they need to book new stars and use Brock as a part time asset and the perfect way to do that would be to have Joe win a hard fought match and move Brock out of the Title picture.  Will it happen?  We shall see.

Now, to me the million dollar question is...  Does the WWE have the balls to keep the belt on Jinder over the summer and fall, and do they have the balls to put him in a big match at Wrestlemania?  Do you think his title run will be that long considering the Corbin win?  To me, right now the only big Mania match I can see is Nakamura AJ and that will ruin pretty much anything else on the show.

I hope so.  The only way that they will see what they have in Jinder is to actually see what they have in Jinder, and that means pushing him.  I think his work has been really good so far and I think he has earned the chance to get that push.

The family resemblance is really striking with Bo’s new look? Bo Wyatt in the cards?

Let’s see what happens now that he is associated with Miz first but down the road, that could be a cool angle if they do it correctly.

So WWE’s both brands have spent a month showing the viewers that each brands title is so important that 5 men had to go through an Extreme Rules match, and another 6 a ladder match just to earn a shot. So, how can they from a storyline standpoint explain RAW’s segment of Roman Reigns coming out and informing everyone that despite him losing one of these matches, and not earning a shot another way, that he will be challenging the champion at Summerslam? It makes NO sense. The fact its Roman Reigns will probably just add to the hardcore fans frustration on top.

Excellent point.  No one should be able to come in and hop the line just because he says so.  And if he can, why can’t everyone else?  It’s lame.

What happened to the Stone Cold Podcast?

All I can tell you for sure is that the episode with Dean Ambrose wasn’t well received by the company, and rightfully so.  On that show Austin challenged Ambrose to do things that just aren’t allowed to be done in the current WWE.  Sure, when he was there guys could take risks and if it cost them, there was WCW to fall back on.  Now?  It would just get them fired.  Austin doesn’t seem to get that things have changed since he was a top guy.

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