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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-20 08:43:00

I am extremely saddened to report that Chris Bryan aka Chandler Biggins, who was one of the promoters for Cleveland, Ohio's Absolute Intense Wrestling, passed away overnight following a months-long battle to regain his health.    Biggins had been hospitalized since March after undergoing emergency surgery due to a health issue that was originally thought to be the flu but turned out to be a severe bacterial infection.

Bryan had undergone several surgeries and at one point was in a medically induced coma.  He had been through a lot of ups and downs with his health since being hospitalized but there was a lot of hope that he would pull through.  Unfortunately, last night, he passed away.  He had been going through physical rehab of late and just a few weeks ago, underwent yet another surgery.

Bryan was an extremely likable person and as a promoter and booker, had an amazing knack for taking wrestling personalities that he liked and enjoyed growing up and using them in a way to accentuate AIW, so that they weren't just random names coming in to fill a card, but important pieces of the storylines they were involved in.  AIW gained a nice reputation for being a fun promotion to follow, at least in part for that uniqueness to their presentation - utilizing names like Dennis Stamp, Missy Hyatt and Robert Fuller in fun, unique ways.  

Bryan was known for being extremely kind to everyone.  In a world where politics (and let's face it, stupidity) over so many things often pervades and grudges are built over nothing, Bryan was one of those ultra-positive personalities who was trying to build bridges and have fun with what he was passionate about - pro wrestling.   He was well known for being extremely welcoming and inclusive to those he interacted with and I've never heard anyone say anything negative about him - a rarity in professional wrestling.

I can never say Bryan and I were close friends, but I enjoyed every interaction I had with him and I was a big fan of what he and John Thorne had built up in AIW.  I was thrilled to meet them when they came to Philadelphia for a convention.   I am extremely saddened by his passing and it really took me by surprise, because I really thought he would come out the other end OK.  Unfortunately, life isn't always fair and this is one of those moments where we get reminded of that. 

Pro Wrestling lost a really good friend today.  Our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

A number of people from the pro wrestling world have already commented on Bryan's passing:














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