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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-20 10:00:00

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If you where to give a State of the Union address on the condition of Professional Wrestling in 2017 and your future priorities for Professional Wresting until Wrestlemania 34, what would the main points involve?

First and foremost, character development, both in presentation and protection, have to be the main thing that the company does.  They don’t get us to engage with most of their stars, so we don’t care about them.  They also don’t protect them in the booking and then wonder why, when they try to tell us that someone that was booked as a loser is a winner now, we don’t believe it.  Duh!  Point two would be to hire a logic and continuity editor.  Vince may not think that those things matter, but a good percentage of the fans that have tuned out of their shows on USA sure do.  The third point would be to stop all of the hot shot booking.  It doesn’t have the desired affect any more.

What is more important to a wrestling company, great talent or great creative? Would a company be more successful a with poor talent and a great creative team or with great talent but a poor creative team? (yes I know ideally you want both to be great).

I say it’s not even close, creative carries the product.  Throughout history, we have seen great bookers make the most with their talent. Conversely, today’s WWE roster is extremely talented on the whole.  Yet, they are languishing!  

Really? Was there really ANYONE who did not know that Dean Ambrose was in the bear suit?  And btw, what you said in a recent column about PPV's made so much sense...some things I had not even considered. And I totally agree with you :)

Nope, their wasn’t.  And that is a big part of the problem for WWE.

If booked as equals, the match between Lesnar and Joe has huge potential to be great.  However, lately we have been seeing WWE creative shooting themselves in the foot with questionable booking of big matches.  Also, they have been booking many of Lesnar's recent matches with the intent of stressing shock value over actual match quality.  I would like nothing else other than to see them elevate Joe by giving him a strong showing against Brock in a classic match, but I remain very skeptical and am almost certain that we will get some sort of screwy finish.  Given the state of creative nowadays, what type of match do you realistically expect them to have?

I am with you.  Brock has run rough shod over everyone but Goldberg.  No one on the roster has gotten the rub from him ending Undertaker’s streak.  It’s crazy to me.  What SHOULD happen is Joe should at least be an equal.  I would have Brock get himself DQ’d because he underestimated Joe and then have the rematch at SummerSlam with Joe going over.  A big part of WWE’s problems on Raw is that the belt is never defended.  Another part of the problem is that they need to make more top guys to make the show more interesting.  So, Joe should go over.  That probably means that he will not.

Where has Luke Harper been lately? Poor guy should get a push :)

Boy, I am sensing a theme here about WWE Creative and it isn’t good.  Harper is there, he just isn’t being used well.  Shocker huh?

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