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By Marco Piva on 2017-06-19 09:29:00

Sunday 18 th June 2017, The Garage, Glasgow (Scotland)
ICW Fight Club taping Attendance: over 600 (sold out)

Results of the matches

Iestyn Rees’s “Catch of the Day” Challenge: Iestyn Rees defeats Cav by pinfall Cav made his ICW debut Kay Lee Ray & Kasey defeat Viper & Sammii Jayne by pinfall Charlie Sterling defeats Nathan Cruz by pinfall ZeroG Title Match: Glasgow Street Fight Zack Gibson defeats Kenny Williams [c] by TKO NEW CHAMPION Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) defeat Lou King Sharp & Krieger (with Kid Fite) by pinfall This was Jackie Polo’s 100 th ICW match Chris Renfrew vs Stevie Boy ends in a no contest after Mikey Whiplash’s intervention (please see notes for details) Grado defeats BT Gunn by pinfall World Heavyweight Title #1 Contenders’ Match Jack Jester defeats Lionheart, Tyler Bate, Davey Blaze, DCT and Sha Samuels pinning Lionheart The next show is “T2 Tramspotting” on Sunday June 25 th at The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh (Scotland) Notes The show opens with Red Lightning on the ring. He introduces the World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey, explaining that their agreement is not about friendship (they actually dislike each other) but about business – and it’s going very well. They leave the ring insulting the crowd. Match #1 Iestyn Rees’s “Catch of the Day” Challenge sees him facing Cav, making his much awaited ICW debut. Differently from Rees’s usual “victims”, Cav gets a full entrance, being introduced as coming directly from the fires of Hell. This, however, doesn’t prevent Rees from adding him to his list of “catches of the day”.

Match #2

While Sammii Jayne and Viper seem to be cooperating smoothly, Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray seems suspicious of her tag team partner Kasey, who however appears very happy to cooperate with the champion. It’s a very hard match, quite balanced until Kay Lee Ray spits on Viper’s face. The former champion then chases the current titleholder to the back, leaving Kasey and Sammii Jayne to fight on the ring. Soon Kay Lee Ray makes her return, quickly followed by Viper. It’s Kasey’s turn to lead Viper away from the ring, allowing Kay Lee Ray to seize the opportunity and pin Sammii Jayne with a rollup.

Match #3

It’s a flawless, extremely entertaining match full of technical wrestling and high-risk manoeuvres, that Charlie Sterling wins after hitting his opponent Nathan Cruz with a picture-perfect aerial attack.

Match #4

The ZeroG Title is on the line between champion Kenny Williams and challenger Zack Gibson, who insists that he never lost the title after becoming the interim champion during the scramble match at Barramania, in April. Williams, tired of Gibson’s sneak attacks, challenged him to a Glasgow Street Fight, a Falls Count Anywhere match, with the stipulation that, if Gibson lost, he wouldn’t be allowed to challenge for the title again as long as Williams remained the champion. The match is immediately very hard, with the two contenders that soon exit the venue to brawl first in the staff parking lot and then in the middle of Renfrew Street, with Gibson who nearly manages to lock the Shankly Gates – his trademark submission hold – in the middle of the road. Williams then dives on him from the top of a container, but Gibson soon recuperates and starts working the champion’s left shoulder. As they return inside the venue, Williams manages once again to reach the high ground and dive on Gibson, who however never gives up. Back on the ring, there is an exchange of chair shots ending with Williams being put through a table. After the champion fails a suicide dive hitting the barrier full on, Gibson drags him back on the ring and locks the Shankly Gates. But Williams doesn’t give up, so the challenger targets him with a series of elbows to the head. At the third recurrence of this series, the referee realises that Williams is losing consciousness and stops the match declaring Gibson the winner and the New ZeroG Champion.

Match #5

The most dominating tag team in the history of ICW and of Scottish wrestling, Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey) faces Krieger and the diminutive Lou King Sharp, successful in other promotions but making their ICW debut as a unit, accompanied to the ring by Kid Fite, in Jackie Polo’s 100 th ICW match (excluding battle royals and Square Go matches). Polo Promotions dominate most of the proceedings, but especially Lou King Sharp, despite many pin attempts, refuses to give up and keeps kicking out. Kid Fite’s attempts to distract his men’s opponents are fruitless. Even after Polo floors his partner Mark Coffey by mistake, his superiority remains clear. As soon as Coffey returns to the fray, Fite is taken out and the match ends with Polo pinning Krieger.

Match #6
Stevie Boy walks out accompanied by his partner (in life as well as in wrestling) Kay Lee Ray, but immediately persuades her to leave him alone to protect her from harm. He proclaims that he’s not afraid of a robotic Chris Renfrew. The match is intense, with Renfrew in particular focussed on hurting his opponent as much as he can. Suddenly, numerous men dressed in black with their faces covered by white masks appear through the crowd and surround the ring, immediately tying Stevie Boy’s hands to the ropes. At this point, the referee calls the match a no contest. But the men in black don’t stop. Kay Lee Ray appears again on the ramp, obviously to try to rescue Stevie, but she’s immediately followed by Mikey Whiplash, barefoot and with his clothes torn, who attacks her with a kendo stick. He speaks to Stevie, saying that Kay Lee Ray is his main maybe only weakness, and that next week at “T2 Trainspotting” in Edinburgh he plans to remove her from his life forever. Meanwhile, she is taken away kicking and screaming by the men in black. Whiplash explains that him and Chris Renfrew are not the new Legion: Renfrew is nothing but an empty vessel, a broken man to be used then thrown away. Renfrew seems ready to rebel, he grabs a chair covered in barbed wire, but Whiplash stops him with a simple look. He then announces to Stevie that he will have to go through Hell before he can become part of Legion (something Stevie doesn’t seem to want). Whiplash shows part of the treatment that he plans to reserve to Stevie – on Chris Renfrew, who withstands a series of blows with a kendo stick without batting an eyelid.

Match #7

Grado shows his loathing of the ICW fans, until BT Gunn arrives. Gunn chops him hard, and Grado leaves the ring through the entrance. BT follows him, but tumbles back on the ramp: he has been hit with a spanner by Red Lightning, Grado’s manager. Back on the ring, they seem to start stealing each other’s signature moves. After BT Gunn hits Grado with Grado’s “roll and slice”, Red Lightning intervenes threatening to sue him for violation of copyright. Grado hits him with a low blow, but BT Gunn manages to kick out from the subsequent pin attempt. Grado runs out throwing no less than six chairs to the ring, only to be hit by one. Red Lightning once again distracts BT Gunn, who grabs him only to be hit with a chair by Grado and rolled up for the pin.

Match #8 This is a #1 Contenders’ Match: the winner will get a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Title on July 30th  at Shug’s House Party (night 2).

The champion Joe Coffey joins the commentary team for the match. On the ring are former WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate, DCT (accompanied by Coach Trip), former ZeroG and three-time Tag Team champion Davey Blaze (with The Wee Man), former ICW Heavyweight title – before it became a World Title – Jack Jester, former Tag Team champion Sha Samuels and former two-time ZeroG champion Lionheart. The six-man match is, as predictable, chaotic, with Blaze and DCT (and their respective managers) mostly focussing on each other as they are involved in a very personal rivalry. After a spectacular match, during which Grado intervenes to take out his personal rival Sha Samuels, it’s Jack Jester to win pinning Lionheart after a piledriver. After the match, champion Joe Coffey reminds Jack Jester that it’s Jester right to pick a stipulation for their title match; as he says so, Bram comes through the crown and attacks Jester from behind laying him down. Coffey’s manager Red Lightning then announces that Jester will face Bram on the 9 th of July. 


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