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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-18 21:19:00

As we reported earlier this week in the Elite section of, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis-Bennett made their TV debut/return oas part of the Money in the Bank PPV.  They were billed as Mike and Maria Kanellis with the idea that he's taken her name after becoming her "partner" and are going to show Smackdown the "Power of Love.:

For Kanellis, this was her WWE return following a run that began with the Diva Search in 2004 and ended in 2010 when she began seeking outside projects, including a musical career.  During her time away from WWE, Kanellis had been completing her education as well.

Bennett broke into the business in 2002 and was originally trained by the late Steve Bradley and Bob Evans.  After working the New England scene, he was picked up by Ring of Honor in 2010.  Kanellis joined him soon into the run as they became a real-life couple and the pair got instant heat based on the idea that she used to date CM Punk as the fans gave them a lot of static for that.  The duo clicked well in ROH and soon began working for New Japan Pro Wrestling as well before becoming the centerpiece of the original Kingdom in ROH with Matt Taven.

After their run in ROH ended, the pair moved on to TNA where Bennett was given "The Miracle" moniker.  The pair left TNA at the onset of 2017.  

In their debut tonight, the couple pretty much did their TNA gimmick, minus the "Miracle" name, complete with Maria billing herself as the "First Lady."   They will be with the Smackdown brand going forward.

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