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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-18 19:52:00

Happy Father's Day everyone!

Welcome to my ongoing blog for the 2017 WWE Money in the Bank PPV.  Richard Trionfo is handling the PPV PBP and I am sliding over to blogging as Dave Scherer's daughter has taken him to see U2 for Father's Day.  If you are an Elite subscriber, Richard and I will be recording a post-game show as soon as the PPV ends.

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The Kickoff show was the usual hype you would expect from WWE.  Sam Roberts always comes off well in this environment.

They announced the PPV will kick off with the women's MITB match.  Great way to kick off the show.

The Hype Bros vs. The Colons was a solid tag match.  Early on, Zack Ryder looked good in playing the babyface who got the crowd behind him.    The Colons cut off Zack and worked over his leg.  Colons did a nice job of cutting off the ring.  This was very much laid out like an old school tag match with the heels working over an extremity and Ryder kicking out from pinfall attempts.    Zack nailed a neckbreaker to set up the tag to Mojo Rawley, who cleaned house.  Epico and Primo showed some nice timing with breaking up pinfalls.  In the end, The Hype Bros score their first return win.  This was solid all the way through, bell to bell.

Here we go with the Women's Money in the Bank match.  Interesting to see Natalya getting the final entrance.  The video feature they did looking at the history of women's wrestling in the company and what each of the women were looking to prove here was very good.

Tamina dominated at the onset but was nailed by Charlotte when she went to set up the ladder.    Our first big ladder spot was Tamina catapulting Natalya into a ladder.  She then slammed one stiffly into Becky in the corner.   Becky blasted Tamina with a kick sending her crashing down with the ladder atop of her.  Becky and Natalya had a tug of war with the ladder but then teamed to drilled Tamina with it.  Tamina was taking a lot of punishment early.  You have to give her credit for that.

Natalya slammed Lynch on the ladder hard.  They are really leaving it all out here and I respect the hell out of that.    Natalya set up a ladder and almost made it to the case but Charlotte gave chase.  Natalya kept kicking her off until getting trapped in an Electric Chair.  Carmella climbed the ladder but Charlotte gave chase.  Carmella used the side support to slip around to the other side.  They battled until Tamina shoved the ladder over and they crashed into the ropes. 

Natalya began beating Tamina with a ladder as the crowd chanted that the match was awesome.  Natalya looked really good.  Becky was trapped in the Sharpshooter.  JBL said instincts took over and Natalya did what was natural to her.  Charlotte attacked her but was hit with a nice butterfly suplex.   Becky came back with a kick off the ropes to send Natalya to the outside.  This is very good so far.

Becky was sent into a ladder but caught herself.  Carmella nailed a rana off that ladder.   Carmella spent a lot of time positioning the ladder before going up.  Charlotte yanked her off and nailed a nice boot.   Tamina got involved and they ended up on the floor.  Charlotte speared her into the stairs, where she bumped over and down them.  Flair went to the top and hit a twisting moonsault on Natalya and Tamina.  That was great.

As all that was going on, Carmella had the ladder for herself and took her time ascending.  That was a mistake as Becky Lynch pulled her off into a powerbomb.  Becky climbed the ladder but James Ellsworth hit the ring and tipped it over, sending her to the floor.  He realized nothing was stopping him from getting the case, so he climbed up and tossed it into Carmella's hands.

Your winner, Carmella?

They rang the bell but the referees began arguing over the finish.   As they argued, Ellsworth announced her as the winner and the first "Miss Money in the Bank."  They played her theme music, so I guess it's official, at least until Tuesday.

I would have preferred a clean finish obviously, but really thought everyone worked their asses off here.  Enjoyable to be sure and the finish will help Carmella and Ellsworth get some heat going forward.  Fun opener.  The crowd loved the hell out of this.

Lana did a promo backstage where she promised to win the belt.  

Time for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team championship.  The Usos did their usual promo.  The crowd enjoyed it.   

Kofi started out and the Usos looked strong in double teaming him, including a suplex on the floor into the ringpost.    The Usos tagged in and out until Kingston stunned with a leaping stomp and tagged out to Big E.    He used his power to control the Usos.  Kofi tagged back in but faster than you could say Midnight Express, The Usos cut him off and worked over his leg with a submission.  One of the Usos went for a dive but was caught and suplexed on the floor by E.  Kofi surprised Jey Usos with a Dragon sleeper but Jimmy interfered.  Kingston came back with the SOS for a NICE near fall.  Kofi was caught with a side kick.  Jey went to the top but was caught by Big E, who was still the legal man.  E slipped but recovered and nailed the Big Ending and they had the closest two count you could ever hope for when Jimmy attacked and broke it up.  It was awesome.  

E sent them to the floor and tagged out to Kofi, who hit a mosh pit stage dive to the floor, wiping them out.  The New Day hit the Midnight Hour on Jey but Jimmy pulled him to the floor.  This is great.   The Usos said the hell with it and walked out, leaving through the timekeeper's area to get counted out. 

It was a finish designed to set up rematches as obviously New Day had the champs' numbers but man, they had some awesome chemistry in the ring.  Very enjoyable until the finish.  It was as good as you could want until the end.

FYI, Shane McMahon tweeted that wasn't what he envisioned for the women's MITB match.  Daniel Bryan then Tweeted they would address it as soon as Smackdown started on Tuesday.  I wonder if they will announce a rematch for Tuesday's Smackdown.  That certainly would get some interest.

They showed Bob Orton and Sgt. Slaughter backstage talking.  They said they were here to cheer on Randy Orton.   Anyone else find it funny the Legends are here for the Legend Killer?

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