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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-18 11:48:00

Ring of Honor issued the following:

Save 20% on all in-stock merchandise in the ROH Pro Shop

This weekend marks Ring of Honor's 300th television episode, and we owe it all to the greatest fans on the planet! To celebrate this major milestone, and as a way to say thank you to our incredible fans, EVERYTHING in the ROH Pro Shop is on sale. Today is the final day to take 20% off any in stock merchandise in the ROH Pro Shop. Whether it's that Bullet Club t-shirt you've had your eye on, a genuine autographed item, or those few DVDs you need to complete your collection, they are all on sale!

Act fast, because the 300th EPISODE CELEBRATION SALE ends on 6/18/17 at 11:59 PM Eastern!

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