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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-18 09:00:00

As I reported in the Elite section of last week, the current WWE social media campaign is leading to a reveal of the WWE 2K18 videogame marketing campaign.

Thus far, the Twitter aspect of the campaign has been to show off items from WWE's history, such as Andre the Giant's WWE Hall of Fame statue or Steve Austin's ATV.  We are told that the items will be revealed to be held inside a "secured facility" that is meant to be the WWE archives, housed like a museum.  In the trailer for the game, someone attacks the facility, vandalizes it and destroys the items.  The vandal is revealed at the end to be Seth Rollins.

The campaign will then lead into the announcement that by pre-ordering the game, fans can receive Kurt Angle as a playable character, with the storyline that he's seeking out the person who did this.  Whether any of this bleeds over into WWE's current storylines remains to be seen, but last year's game campaign was built around the idea of Brock Lesnar vs, Bill Goldberg, which ended up being a big storyline for the company in "real life."

Seth Rollins is slated to appear on ESPN Sportscenter tomorrow, so his teased announcement may be part of the campaign as well.

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