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By Mike Clocher on 2017-06-18 08:13:00

I attended NXT at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY tonight. The place was mostly full and the crowd was into the show all night.   Here are the results and some observations. 

Kassius Ono beat Cezar Bononi. Crowd was hot for Ono.

Sanity (Dane/Wolfe) beat Sabatino and Moss (I don't remember their first names). Sanity worked as faces and were over big time. Moss and Sabatino came out first and knocked Poughkeepsie to get heel heat. 

Ruby Riot and Ember Moon beat Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose when Ember pinned Mandy with the Eclipse,

Lars Sullivan beat Oney Lorcan pretty easily. Lorcan sold his ass off here. Sullivan came off as a monster. 

Drew McIntyre beat The Velveteen Dream. Drew comes off like star on a different level than the rest of the roster. Dream is great in his character and he sells really well. 

Authors Of Pain beat Heavy Machinery. Otis and one of the AOP did a spot where they tried to knock each other off their feet that will play out awesome in front of big crowd, like Brooklyn. Note to Dave Scherer: You are right. This feud will be fun! 

Asuka beat Nikki Cross in a fun match. Asuka worked as a face. Both women busted their asses here. Some comedy mixed in but it worked. The crowd loved Asuka. 

Roderick Strong and Alestar Black beat Andrade Cien Almas and Bobby Roode when Roddy pinned Andres. The crowd loved Roode, Black and Strong in that order. 

Overall a great show. Everyone worked hard and the crowd was alive all night. The wrestlers all seemed to have fun, which the audience picked up on. If anyone has a chance to see NXT live my advice is to take it. 

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