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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-18 10:00:00

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I know the entire push of Jinder Mahal, to a large degree, depends on if and how he defends the title at Money in the Bank, but to me, I've enjoyed the heck out of it, if for no other reasons than it feeling fresh and new, plus Mahals display thus far has been very much that of a classic old-school heel, accentuated by his his "evil" facial expressions.  It does remind one of the purely evil foreigner-gimmicks the business went back to in virtually every decade of it's existence and while I'm usually not ecstatic about that route, Mahals' been doing such a good job that I can easily give it a pass here.  Now that Jinder Mahal’s Push really got running (and, thus far, culminated in the title win), what is your take on how Mahal did thus far, creatively & and equally as much how he did handle his chance personally in your opinion?  

I have really enjoyed his work thus far.  People whose opinion I trust have told me for a while now that he is very good and I think we are seeing that now.  I agree that he needs to win tonight.  They have the chance of making him into something special.  They need to follow through on that.

What is up with Dean Ambrose?  He sure has fallen far since his run as champion.  He went from feuding with Triple H and Lesnar to...Elias Sampson.  The beginning of the end for him seemed to be when Stone Cold called him out on his podcast, which i'm sure did Dean no favours.  And now fans are chanting "you can't wrestle" at him on occasion.  What has gone wrong with his character to cause such disconnect with the fans and management?  Is it his wrestling style?  Personality?  The fact that he wears jeans as his ring attire?  Did Stone Cold's comments do more harm than it seems?

First and foremost, he can wrestle.  For sure.  I think Austin was totally out of line when he said the things that he did to Ambrose.  Back in Austin’s day, sure you could push the envelope.  WCW was always waiting.  That isn’t the case today.  There is one big place to work, period.  Beyond that, he has been booked really poorly.  He, and to a lesser degree Roman Reigns, had a lot of strengths when they were in The Shield that have been taken away now that they are out of the group.  Plus, he hasn’t been booked very well.  All of those things have led him to where he is now.

With HOH touring Australia, does Tommy Dreamer himself foot the bill for airlines and hotels or is that the wrestlers obligation?

The wrestlers will get flown into that tour. 

There has been demand for several years, going back to SummerSlam 1992, for WWE to do another pay-per-view in the UK.  (I'm not counting Rebellion, Insurrextion etc as these were not global PPVs.)  In fact, in mid-June a bit of news started working its way round that WWE are thinking - and I know that's all it is at this stage - of doing WrestleMania from London.  To me, Mania is too big an event to move away from North America because of Axxess, the Hall Of Fame, NXT, WM itself, Raw, SmackDown and all the numerous other events they do that week.  Wouldn't they be better to try SummerSlam again, since it's not such a big undertaking to do that show and they could try an open air event again, as they have a good chance of avoiding rain in early to middle August?

If it were me, before I would put Mania in the UK, I would run a B show first.  That way, I could see the audience trends, etc.  If that worked out, I would try one of the other Big Four events.  I am with you.  There is too much going on with Mania to do the show in the UK.  Plus, WWE knows that European fans will travel to America to see Mania.  They don’t know if American fans would do the same overseas.

They keep teasing a Shield reunion.  I think they should hold off the inevitable but my girl thinks it's the perfect time.  They're all on same brand and they have falling ratings, so should it be sooner or later?

WWE likes singles stars and Reigns and Rollins are both stars now.  Dean is a cut under them but he could be elevated with the proper booking.  I have no problem with a reunion for a match or two, but I don’t think we will see them back as a group on a regular basis.

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