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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-14 10:00:00

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A buddy of mine pointed this out last night.  But could they be going somewhere with the Elias Samson character as an oracle or future see-er of some type?  His lyrics of his song alluded to a man shrouded in darkness taming a beast.  I personally toned the dude out, but for those of us who were paying attention, did they just foreshadow Demon Finn beating Brock?  Am I reading too much into this?

I guess it’s to be determined on Samson.  At this point, it would seem you may be reading into it.

Who monitors especially on Live PPV’s what the foreign announcers are saying? I’m pretty sure Kevin Dunn/Vince aren’t multi lingual yet want the ‘story telling’ their way during matches, so who if anyone is feeding the announcers line? Is it a simple case that the foreign announcers get English instructions and are English speakers?

Last I asked, they had people producing them, relating what the company wanted them to get over.

Do you expect the WWE to release several main roster talents very soon especially with RAW and SmackDown struggling ratings-wise?

Nope, I don’t.  WWE is still being paid what they were for the shows.  Now if that changes down the road, it will be a different conversation.

You mentioned how AJ Styles losing to Dolph Ziggler in his hometown wouldn't help him.  Thinking back to your column about how predictable WWE has been, wouldn't it be fair to say that's an example of poor, predictable booking?  Right along with Bayley losing the Raw Women's Title to Alexa Bliss in San Diego.

I would concur with that.  What was really predictable was the whole “Dolph has lost a lot of matches but he is in Money In The Bank so he needs a win” booking.  It is just so typical of what they do.  There is more to booking characters than that.  I wish that they would get back to protective, quality character development.  I am really sick of the “losing in their home town” deal.

Speaking of Bayley, why has WWE suddenly de-pushed her?  Every time I've seen her on Raw, she gets good, if not great pops.  Yet her title reign was short, she lost on TV several times, lost at Extreme Rules, and has seemingly been dropped from the title picture.

The only thing I can say is that it’s obvious that the Raw creative team doesn’t see Bayley the same way that the NXT booking team did and that is a damn shame.  Bayley has so much more to offer and she has been used so poorly on the main roster.

Note: I wrote this on Sunday, before the horrible promo on Raw.  

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