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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-13 10:00:00

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Whatever happened to American Alpha? They seemed to have been getting a decent push, but then they disappeared! They have not been seen, or included, or even spoken about in quite some time. What info might you have on them?

They just aren’t in the push wheelhouse right now by creative.  They are there, but just not a focal point.  I think that it’s at least partially due to the way that they were brought in.  They told us that they were a big deal, but never showed us why.  That happens more than it should with acts that get called up from NXT.

So what's the deal with LowKi wrestling in a suit, shirt & tie?  Surely at some point a competitor will use the tie as a weapon against him?

Man, I hope they do.  It’s so stupid that they don’t have someone grab that thing.  I guess it’s to show he is a hit man like character but I think it’s dopey.

Since English is obviously not Nakamura's first language and he uses a mouthpiece while wrestling, do you think that Nakamura would benefit from a manager or advocate?  Personally, I think it would add to his mystique. Of course, the guy I would pick for him would be Paul Heyman. I think it would be great to see Nakamura whisper a few words in Heyman's ear and then Heyman would "translate" it into long promos.

I have no issue with putting a top tier manager like Heyman with Nakamura but he speaks much better English than WWE has shown us.

After watching the Wrestlemania Music 10 thing on the Network, is it safe to assume we saw where the money wasn't where it's mouth is?  Music rights instead of paying the guys?  I know they try but it's hard to think that there's more money for someone after Pit bull.  Or is there?

WWE wants WrestleMania to be like The Super Bowl.  That means making it an entertainment spectacle.  Because of that, you see them bring in acts like Pit Bull.

I have a question about the logic in the Hardys vs Cesaro and Sheamus cage match at Extreme Rules. Why when Matt Hardy was by himself against both challengers after Jeff got to the floor did he keep pulling the challengers down when they climbed the cage to get out?  Instead of pulling them in he should have just went thru the door and won.

Mike Epsenhart and I talked about this a lot on Saturday’s show.  You can listen to it if you are an Elite member.  In a nutshell, the announcers let him down.  They should have sold that since Matt has been beaten up, he was not thinking clearly about the rules, or something like that.  He was doing what he was booked to do.  The announcers should have supported it and they didn’t.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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