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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-10 17:29:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of tonight's debut of Wildkat Sports debut at the 2300 Arena tonight in Philadelphia, PA.  

Pre-Show Notes:

Steve Anthony will not be appearing as he recently celebrated the birth of a baby and was unable to make it to Philly obviously.  Our congratulations to the Anthony family!

Visiting at the show are former CZW champ Nick Berk and Nick Gage.

Pre-Show: Money Mike & Mobile Home Mafia vs. Monster Factory Students

ZZ Loupe from Tough Enough was part of the Mobile Home Mafia.     Unforunately, I don't have the names of the Factory competitors.     Loupe scored the win for his team with a Jackhammer like slam.  He did mic work before the match and said people may remember him from a TV show and he's here in a building that's made a lot of memories in order to make some special ones tonight.

Joel Gertner was brought out as the guest ring announcer.  He got a nice reaction.   Gertner did his traditional limerick, paying tribute to the history of the 2300 Arena.   He introduced Wildkat Heavyweight champion Stevie Richards, saying he was a man from Philly who cut his teeth here and has since gone all over the world winning championships.

Richards said this building was home to him, calling it the ECW Arena.   He said that he had an appreciation for all the people who made him the man he is today - Paul Heyman, The BWO, Shane Douglas, Raven, Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman and lots of others.  He said he was here as someone who was from the past who is looking forward to defending the belt and standing tall against the future stars of the sport.

Crowbar vs. Bu Ku Dao

Crowbar's valet dropped to her knees before Dao, distracting him long enough for Crowbar to blindside and stomp away at.  He chopped Dao in the corner several times, but Dao faked him out and came off the top with a double kee strike.   Dao used his speed to avoid Crowbhar, then nailed a dropkick and an armbar to try and force a submission.  Crowbar made it to the ropes but was worked over with kicks.  Crowbar caught Dao coming off the ropes and nailed him with a Michinoku Driver for a two count.

Crowbar stomped on Dao's hands and hit a nice dropkick to the face for a two count.  He came off the ropes with a Vader Bomb for another two count.  He tossed Dao to the floor and then hit him into the barricade, then drilled him with a chair.   Crowbar argued with the referee, allowing his second to press and toss Dao back into the ring.    Crowbar worked him over until being caught with a top rope rana.

They battled with Dao scoring several two counts.   Dao locked in another armbar but the second got on the apron and argued with the referee.  Dao turned a takedown into a bulldog   Dao tossed Crowbar to the outside but the second caught him.  Dao hit a dive, wiping them all out.    Dao attempted a missile dropkick but Crowbar caught him with a powerbomb and pinned him.

Your winner, Crowbar!

Good opener. 

Ruby Raze & Riley Shepard vs. Gabi Ortiz & Renee Michelle

Shepard and Ortiz started out, trying to work over the other's arm.  Ortiz was sent into the corner but went up and over,  Michelle tagged in but was nailed by Shepard and worked over with forearms.   Michelle used a tiltowhirl takedown into an armbar but was nailed by Raze.  Michelle and Gabi tried to double team her and ducked when she charged, pulling down the rope and sending her over the top to the floor.

Michelle kept working over Shepard but was forced back into the corner, where Raze drilled her from behind.   Shepard scored several pinfall attempts.  Raze tagged in and whipped Michelle hard into the corner.  Michelle was drilled with a double running knee strike in the corner.  She was whipped into the opposite corner but this time avoided the charge and nailed Raze.  Unfortunately, her momentum was cut off and Michelle was nailed with a neckbreaker through the ropes.

Raze continued the attack on the floor, beating down Michelle.  Raze and Shepard tagged in and out, working over Michelle, who kept kicking up.   Ortiz finally made the tag and cinched in the Octopus on Shepard.  Shepard fought her way out, flipping Ortiz over to the mat and tagged back in Raze.   They played Ortiz on the ropes and drilled her hard with a forearm.   Ortiz went for a sunset flip on Raze, who blocked it.  Raze nailed a slingshot suplex and scored the pin.

Your winners, Ruby Raze & Riley Shepard!

Good, solid back and forth match.

Pump Patrol vs. Blue Meanie & Gabriel & Manny Soriano

Meanie's team had control early so the Pump Patrol challenged them to a dance off.  They had all sorts of shenanigans, including the referee getting involved.   The crowd loved it.  The Pump Patrol attacked and gained control, working over Soriano.  They worked him over for a long time.  Meanie finally made the hot tag and scored the pin. 

Your winners, Blue Meanie & Gabriel & Manny Soriano

Meanie did the comedy and the rest handled the wrestling. It was exactly what it should have been.

Joker  vs. Blk Jeez vs. Papadon vs. Bestia 666

Papadon made the ring announcer proclaim that without the Greeks, there would be no wrestling, therefore he was the greatest wrestler in the world.  Everyone is battling at once.   Bestia nailed a nice spinning headscissor.  Bestia and Joker brawled outside as Papadon and Jeez went back and forth in the ring.   Jeez escaped a back suplex and nailed a Codebreaker to the chest.  Lots of good sequences and interactions.  Bestia suplexed Joker into Jeez in the corner and made the cover but Papadon dove in and broke it up.

Bestia and Papadon worked each other over with forearms and chops.  Papadon ended up on the floor, where Joker hit a dive.  Bestia nailed a pescado onto Joker.  Jeez went for one but Papadon cut him off with a knee to the gut.   Jeez drilled him with a missile dropkick.  Jeez sent him to the floor and nailed a tope con hilo to the outside on everyone. 

Back in the ring, they set up a Tower of Doom-like spot with a triple decker suplex.    Papadon drilled Jeez with chops in the corner but was cut off with a leaping clothesline for a two count.  Bestia nailed a muscle buster on Papadon but Joker broke it up.  They continued to battle.  Papadon returned to the fray and nailed several big forearm smashes.   Papadon nailed several back suplexes for near falls.    In the end, Papadon seemed to have Joker beat but Jeez drilled him and scored the pin instead.

Your winner, Blk Jeez!

All action.  Best thing on the show so far.

Wildkat Revolution champion Danny Flamingo vs. Socoro

Socoro's manager ripped Philly, saying it made Jersey look like Beverly Hills.  Ouch.  Good mic work.

They started out slow, working over each other.   Flamingo nailed some nice armdrags.    They faced off and ended up battling to the floor.  Socoro cut Flamingo off and slammed him, then nailed a dropkick for a two count.   Socoro worked over Flamingo for a long time.  He missed a splash off the top.  Flamingo worked over Socoro and used a Texas Cloverleaf to try and force a submission. 

They  battled back and forth until Socoro's manager distracted the referee, allowing interference.  Socoro scored with a splash off the top and won the belt.

Your winner and new Wildkat Revolution champion, Socoro!

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