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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-11 10:00:00

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I saw the back and forth between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo and I have some questions.

Is Russo aware of what is real and what isn’t?

That is a great question.  Given some of the things he has said, I wonder the same thing myself.  I honestly can’t say whether he knows the difference or not.  Maybe he doesn’t even know at this point.  You know, like George Constanza said on Seinfeld, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

He said that that Jim Cornette booked Terry Funk in a box and it didn’t get over.  Is he so clueless that he doesn’t know that Paul Heyman booked it in ECW and  that it did get over?

It’s hard to argue with you there since you are 100 percent correct.  It was Heyman’s angle, not Cornette’s.  And as someone that was there when Funk came out of the box at The ECW Arena, it was very, very over.  I am sure that Russo is aware of it as well since he got so much “inspiration” from watch ECW back in his WWE booking days.

Russo also said ratings went up every week when he was in WCW.  Doesn’t he know we can look that up and see it isn’t true?  

Apparently he is a big believer in alternative facts.  Hell, maybe he should file for a retroactive trademark.

Russo called Cornette a mark for taking a bump badly.  In your opinion, who is the bigger mark between Russo and Cornette?

Judging on Russo’s scale, Russo.  Cornette took a bad bump in a program that someone else booked and he was a worker in the scenario.  Russo, as booker, put the WCW title on himself, in his hometown no less.  It made no sense but it gave him an uber mark out moment.  I don’t know that anyone in the wrestling business has ever done anything that can out mark Russo on that one.  It was embarrassing then and it’s embarrassing now.

Did I really hear Russo say “misconscrewed”?

Yes, yes you did.  And I wonder if he even knows he mispronounced the word, bro.

Do you think Russo says these kinds of things to get attention?

I think that is a fair assessment.

Onto Jim Cornette.  It’s easy for me to love what he said given how Russo has conducted himself over the years, but I also think Jim went too far even doing the video.  Fifty plus year old guys calling each other out to fight is crazy to me.  What do you think, and what do you do when people say the things about you like Russo has about Cornette?

It’s no secret that Jim gets pretty agitated but I agree with you, fighting at his age?  No way I would do that unless I had no other choice.  I am just too old for that kind of nonsense.  And in Jim's case, with his luck someone would see him beating the snot out of Russo (and my money is definitely on Cornette there) and call the police.  Getting arrested for beating up someone like Russo is just not worth it.

Honestly, people say things about me all the time.  Hell, Russo may go off on one of his pre-school diatribes on me after reading this.  If he does, I have the choice of acknowledging his silliness and becoming a party to it, or just ignoring him.  I will do the latter as I don’t suffer fools lightly and I surely don’t waste my time on them.  I get that Russo gets under Cornette’s skin.  Russo has that affect on a lot of people.  But whenever someone acknowledges him they are giving him exactly what he wants, attention and the feeling of being relevant again.  I have no desire to give him that.

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