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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-06 17:15:00

We've had a number of readers ask whether there was a major reason that caused WWE to keep Matt and Jeff Hardy from appearing on Raw last night.  Sources indicate they will be working a reduced schedule the next few weeks as Matt's wife Rebecca is scheduled to give birth to their second child very soon.

On the Impact Wrestling-Broken Hardys gimmick front, there has been very little said publicly by either side of late, which I believe is a sign that they are quietly trying to negotiate some sort of agreement.  Billy Corgan had been trying to mediate, but there's no confirmation he is still involved.

We have also heard the Hardys sit-down interview with Corey Graves that was filmed before Extreme Rules in Baltimore will likely be used in some form on an upcoming edition of Bring It To The Table.  WWE is filming the latest episode of that series this week to debut it next Monday following Raw.

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