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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-05 18:37:00

Former TNA champion "Cowboy" James Storm, who has been with the company from its creation in 2002 (with the exception of a short time period in 2015, where he made several WWE NXT appearances before signing a new deal with TNA) will be the 2017 Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee.

The announcement was made, oddly on a Facebook post made on the official Impact page that noted, "James Storm has had a storied career, Storm has accomplished more than almost anyone on the roster! However, The Cowboy isn't done and isn't thinking about his Hall of Fame induction. #Slamm15"

Storm debuted for the promotion during its Wednesday night PPV era in Nashville as one half of America's Most Wanted with Chris Harris, a run which saw him hold the NWA Tag Team championships seven times.  The team was a cornerstone act of the early days of the promotion and the pair had some excellent matches against each other after splitting up.

Later, Storm became one-half of Beer Money with Bobby Roode, a tandem that held the TNA (now Impact) Tag Team championship five times.  When that team split up, Roode appeared to be earmarked to the win the TNA championship at Bound for Glory in 2011.  At the last minute, Hulk Hogan decided that Roode wasn't ready and at the subsequent TV taping, made the call that Storm should defeat Kurt Angle to win the belt, a huge surprise and a huge emotional moment when it happened.  Storm lost the belt to Roode, who turned on him, setting up a big feud between the two.

Storm also had a run with the promotion's now-defunct King of the Mountain championship.

Storm was originally trained by Shane Morton and Wolfie D and prior to Impact's formation, was signed to WCW and made several appearances for that promotion before it closed down in March 2001.

Thanks to Mike Rosen for his assistance.

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