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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-07 10:00:00

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I first want say congratulations to Samoa Joe!!! For a guy who is the exact antithesis of what Vince McMahon looks for in top guys as far as physical appearance goes, Joe earned this time in the spotlight the hard way. Working with the best talents everywhere in the world and putting on some of the most stiff and physically taxing matches I've rarely seen elsewhere.  I also want to give a rarely deserved "well done" to WWE for putting Joe over at Extreme Rules.  I know that you guys, myself, and a ton of hardcore fans are completely stoked about Joe vs Lesnar (After canceling my network subscription for several reasons, I picked it back up to see last night's match and hopefully a great match coming). With all of that said, and given that it's not one of the big PPVs, what do you think the odds are that WWE puts Joe over Lesnar?  Personally, I think that they should do it to at least have a Raw champ that is ACTUALLY ON TV. I also know that Joe is more than capable of standing up to the role of Universal Champion, I hope he gets the chance. 

First and more foremost, as I said on my hotline on Monday, we need the Universal Title back on Raw.  I also think we need fresh blood.  If it’s me, I book next month to go to a double DQ or something along those lines and then have the rematch at SummerSlam, with Joe going over.  WWE direly needs something fresh on Raw, and the belt on Joe would be fresh.  Plus, he deserves it.

What's your thoughts on why Kalisto beat Crews, and why Ziggler beat AJ?

Well they put Crews with Titus O’Neil, who loses to everyone.  That isn’t exactly a great endorsement of the guy.  As for Ziggler beating AJ, I hated it.  I get why they did it, since Ziggler is in Money In The Bank, but the guy loses almost every match he is in.  Having him beat AJ, in his hometown no less, won’t elevate him at all in the eyes of most fans.

Extreme Rules = Inconsistencies Abound.  That has got to be THE stupidest cage match I have ever seen!There was really no wrestling, 4  guys trying to get out. And not even logically! And when Jeff had made it outside, and C & S were down, Matt tried to climb over; why not just go thru the door?? There were so many odd things about that "match", that is actually had me laughing. Am I alone on this?

That happens a lot in WWE matches.  People ignore the logical and do the illogical.  They can only do what the boss wants them to do.

I just saw on your site the article for Break the Barrier 2017.  I was at the original even in 1999 promoted by Al Issacs and the crew from  First, do you think there should have been some nostalgia promotion for this years event referencing the original as both the name and concept have a place in wrestling history?  Also how would you compare the card for this year's to the original event?

I don’t even remember the 1999 event.  If the current group has no connection to that show I don’t see any reason that they would need to remember it.

Okay, I give up! How do I get a Bullet Club umbrella?

Call Impact Wrestling.  They will sell you a Willow umbrella and tell you to pretend.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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