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By Dave Scherer on 2017-06-06 10:00:00

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To appease the sponsors, wouldn't it make sense to occasionally have a pin fall happen during the commercial break now that Smackdown is showing the matches during the commercial breaks. It would tell show the fans that "anything" can happen on the show and that you should watch the commercial breaks so that you do not miss anything. The sponsors would be happy. 

I think that would be a great idea.  It make not keep people from fast forwarding but it’s worth a try.

Do you consider the WCW Power Plant as an early precursor or blueprint for the modern-day Performance Centre?  Given the success of the Performance Centre, what went wrong with the Power Plant?  In other words, what was different about the business back then that caused the Power Plant to fail?
In that they both were company owned facilities whose purpose was to train stars for their company, a correlation can definitely be drawn between the two.  What went wrong with the Power Plant is that WCW faltered and the owners, Time Warner, decided to sell it off and get out of the wrestling business.  But the Power Plant churned out a lot of talent, no doubt about it.

In a recent question, you mentioned WWE prefers to air 205 Live after Smackdown so they can actually air it live.  Since they own the Network and can schedule a show pretty much any time they want, what is stopping them from airing 205 Live an hour before Smackdown starts?  It would still be a live show but without the audience burnout that comes from airing after Smackdown.  It would even create a more energetic audience for the show, since the 205 matches will be the first matches the live crowd sees that night.

Unless there is a clause in their deal with USA, nothing that I know of.

Do you see in the near future the possibility of RAW dropping below 2million viewers? If so – would there be panic? Or would they point to their social media numbers and bat on?

Possibility?  Sure. I don’t know how big of a possibility it is, but they aren’t all that far away from that number now so there is at least a chance that it could happen.  I would think if they dropped below two million viewers, it would cause a stir.  If it didn’t I don’t know what it would take to get through to Vince.

I watched Backlash, and I was bowled over by all the hype about Nakamura. I cannot remember anyone getting this much buildup in a long time. And I had never seen him wrestle before, so I was looking forward to it.  So I watched the match, and it was ok, but definitely did not, for me, live up to all the hype. It followed the typical WWE formula where one guy dominates the match, and then the other guy hits one or two moves, and wins!  So I watched the SD following Backlash to see him wrestle a second time. And I saw the same basic match again.  I know I am in the great majority, but I am as yet not impressed with Nakamura, and for me the hype surrounding him is way overblown.  So help me...what am I not getting?

What you are not getting is….Nakamura!  You are getting the Vince McMahon version of the guy.  If you want to see what he can really do, go to the New Japan streaming service and check him out.  Hell, even go to WWE Network and watch him in NXT.  They have done very little to expose you to his greatness so far on Smackdown.

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