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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-21 10:00:00

If Bruno Sammartino didn't go into the WWE Hall of Fame, who was going to headline that year?

The plan was to induct DX as a group as the headline attraction in Madison Square Garden that year.  Once Bruno changed his mind and agreed to be inducted, DX was pulled from those plans.

Did WWE put up David Schultz to slapping John Stossel back in the day?

In 2011, David Schultz appeared at the NWA Legends convention in Atlanta, GA and did a Q&A where he talked about the incident.  He noted during the Q&A that in John Stossel's depositions during the lawsuit that stemmed from Schultz slapping him, that Eddie Mansfield had warned him not to interview Schultz. Stossel claimed that Vince told him to go to the back and set up for interviews while Vince later claimed that he had told Stossel to stay the hell away from the locker room area.   Schultz said that someone was lying and there was no way that ABC could have set up all that equipment and lights for the interviews in that area without Vince knowing.

Schultz claimed that in front of the locker room, Vince McMahon told him to do an interview with 20/20 and to stay in character and really light up Stossel because he was ripping on the business. Schultz said that after the incident, Vince thanked him and rushed him out of the building, then sent him to Japan and had him slap a reporter there as well.   Schultz claimed that he realized after the fact that he was "getting screwed without being kissed."  Schultz also noted that to this day, no one has ever seen the complete interview.

During the Q&A, Schultz said that Stossel had to do the interview three times because Schultz kept out-talking him. Schultz also said that he thought Stossel called him (not wrestling) fake, which led to him slapping Stossel and had Stossel just stayed down, Schultz wouldn't have had to slap him again. Schultz joked that when Stossel got back up, he thought Stossel was going to attack him and felt his life was threatened.

So, that's Schultz's side.  I am sure WWE would claim they had nothing to do with it.

Who owns the CM Punk name?

CM Punk does, as he was using it well before his time in WWE.

Is Punk signing at conventions a sign he wants to return to wrestling?

I don't believe so.  I think it's just a way for him to make some revenue.

I was just wondering why Tough Enough (series 2 and 3) never got released on DVD? Was a reason ever given?

My guess is that MTV, which released the first season, decided that the sales weren't strong enough to suit releasing the later seasons.   The seasons are all available on the WWE Network. 


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