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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-14 10:00:00


Was there ever a time you gave up on professional wrestling?

I started watching in 1986 and there was a time period in 1991 where I started to drift out.  When I learned that Ric Flair, who I always loved, had come to the WWF and even brought the NWA championship with him, I was back watching immediately and even started to go to shows to see Flair vs. Hogan in Madison Square Garden. Had Flair not jumped to the WWF, who knows whether I ever would have gotten back into it, although I suspect as I got older I would have found ECW once it was on the Madison Square Garden Network and fallen back in love with wrestling, but that's certainly not guaranteed.

 Was there ever a televised wrestling show that, while a match was taking place, the power suddenly went off due to a storm outside the arena? Has that ever happen? Have any wrestlers or fans ever been stuck in an arena due a snow storm unable to leave forcing them to stay for the night?

WWF lost power during their In Your House: Beware of Dog PPV in May 1996.  The PPV took place in Florence, South Carolina and a terrible thunderstorm that caused the power to go out before a Steve Austin vs.Savio Vega bout.  The PPV screen remained blank for some time, but live, they continued on with the live show i in the building.  The PPV returned during the main event of Shawn Michaels vs. Davey Boy Smith.  WWF ran a taping (a live event that was already scheduled) the following Tuesday.  They ran a rematch of the Smith vs. Michaels, alongside new matches and bouts that took place before the power outage, including a rematch of the Austin vs. Vega bout that led to Ted DiBiase being "run out" of WWF.  

ROH also had an iPPV go off the air live in the middle of the show when a lightning strike wiped out all the power in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

I've never heard any story of fans being stuck in the arena overnight, although I'm sure there have been dozens of stories of performers and fans being trapped in towns due to weather conditions.  I know that in December 2010, a blizzard shut down mass transit right as a WWE show in Madison Square Garden ended, trapping people overnight in Penn Station.

Did Low Ki ever work for the original ECW?

Low Ki never worked the original ECW but was scheduled to start with the company during the period it went out of business.  He was actually backstage at the final ECW PPV, Guilty as Charged 2001.  They were well aware of him, literally from the time he officially debuted in October 1998.

Please settle a bet: When did Impact go to two hours?

September 2007.  The series had featured one hour episodes up until that point.

I somewhat remember an old film where a con artist was trying to get into pro wrestling.  The film featured a climax where a champion wrestler died in the ring after getting involved in a shoot with someone.  I don't remember anything else about the film except someone was being hunted through the city after.  Any insight into what I am remembering?

You are likely remembering the classic 1950 film Night and the City which starred Richard Wiidmark as Harry Fabian, a London con man with a million and one scams.  He realizes the money that can be made in pro wrestling and quickly takes to legendary wrestler Gregarious the Great (the legendary Stanislaus Zbyszko, who is awesome in the film).  The film was released on DVD a few years ago and from time to time, still screens in arthouse type reparatory screenings.  It's considered one of the best examples of classic film noir and is well worth tracking down, not just for the wrestling angle but the overall film.  You can order it at this link.

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