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By Mike Johnson on 2017-07-08 10:00:00


Given the interest in the attitude era and with the scope of the Network, has WWE given thought to producing a more adult themed wrestling show? This could be filmed at the PC or Full Sail and aired on the network as an exclusive. Might be an opportunity for some of the more underused talent to develop edgier characters and provide viewers with something different.

I haven't heard of anything along those lines, but I wouldn't be surprised if at some point, that pitch had been made.  WWE really wants to keep everything in the PG realm, however.

What happens to things like the Wargames cage and the Punjabi Prison when promotions are done with them?

The Punjabi Prison is in WWE's archives in Connecticut.  There's been talk over the last few weeks it was going to be used this summer.  I would guess that the old Wargames came, if WWE didn't keep it in the WCW acquisition, has been turned into scrap by now.    I'd love to know where the old Triple Cage Tower of Doom is myself!

Why did Josh Barnett never come back to TNA/Impact Wrestling?

Barnett was brought in under the John Gaburick regime and once the Jeff Jarrett regime came into play, they dropped that storyline with Lashley beating Barnett and didn't move forward with it.

Is it true George Clinton once made a theme song for New Jack?

That would be incorrect.  You may be thinking of Bootsy Collins, who did indeed create a theme song for New Jack.     You can see the video below:


What was your first reaction when WWE announced they were bringing back ECW for the One Night Stand PPV?

Actually, we broke it here on before WWE officially announced it as I had a source tell me that WWE booked a date at the Hammerstein Ballroom and that led to me finding out what the date was for.  My initial reaction was that it wasn't going to work, because the company hadn't decided to let Paul Heyman or Tommy Dreamer be in charge of the show.  Once I knew that happened, there was a chance it was going to at least have a fighting chance to be "ECW."    In the end, they did a nice job of putting forth a ECW style show and it ended up being one of the most emotional events ever.

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