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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-30 10:00:00


I recently watched They Live for the first time and wonder if there had ever been a sequel planned?  At the end, we don't know if Roddy Piper's character lived or died or what happened with the aliens?

I've never heard of any major plans to continue that story.  I think John Carpenter wanted that open-ended ending because the film was meant to be social commentary on Reagonomics and consumerism.  There was, however, talk of director Matt Reeves rebooting the saga for Universal Pictures back in 2015.  Whether that ever goes before the cameras, we'll have to wait and see.

When was the first time you traveled outside of your home area for wrestling?   What is the farthest you have traveled for pro wrestling?  Any places you'd like to go to see wrestling?  Just curious!

I live in NYC so I guess the farthest, in terms of mileage, would have been California or Seattle, Washington.  I've traveled to twenty states to cover pro wrestling, plus Canada and Washington, DC. 

The first shows I can remember traveling for were an indy show in April 1994 in New Jersey with Nailz vs. Abdullah the Butcher on top and to ECW's When Worlds Collide in Philadelphia in May 1994.  From then on, I was traveling pretty regularly around the Northeast.

Why isn't Ivellise Velez announced for the Mae Young Classic yet?  She's so good.

Velez is under contract to Lucha Underground and couldn't do the tournament, so she's not it.

There are rumors that War Machine are free agents.   Any truth?

That's been the case since their ROH deals expired in December 2016.  The team and ROH never came to an agreement on a new deal but have continued working together as War Machine works at the same time for New Japan.

At Summerslam 1999 why did Mankind come out as the winner in the triple threat match match main event?  Did Austin not want to lose the belt to HHH or was this just a build up to HHH winning the belt on Raw the next night?  Thanks again this is the best site on the net for accurate pro wrestling news!!!

With Jesse Ventura, at the time the Governor of Minnesota as special referee, WWF wanted a babyface to be the one with his hand raised, so they decided to go with Mick Foley as the way to get the belt to Triple H the next day. 

As far my bucket list of places to go, Puerto Rico for WWC, Tokyo, the UK and Germany are the remaining things left on my checklist for pro wrestling.  I'll get to them at some point.

Why does WWE never celebrate or showcase Pedro Morales the way they have recently for Bruno Sammartino?

It's possible at some point they will, at least in terms of Collections of matches, but one of the reasons they may not have had Morales involved is that he's been ill for some time and hasn't really made any public appearances, by his own choice, in years.

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