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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-29 10:00:00


What's the update on Tyson Kidd as a wrestler?

Unfortunately, there is no update.  It's not likely he will be wrestling again.

Mike wrote about WWE hiring Kennadi Brink as their first female referee since 1980s.  What about Jacqueline Moore?

Moore was hired as wrestler and worked as a referee as part of a story for her in a different era  where women weren't really given all that much to do from a story perspective.  Brink was hired specifically to be a referee, which is a completely different scenario.   She is the first female referee hired specifically for that role since the days of Rita Marie.

Is there any news of RoH making their way to UK TV? There's some good stuff going on by the sounds of it but don't get to see it.

Not as of this writing, but it's been something they have been working on.  In the meantime, you can always watch the series online on the Fite App. 

With ratings declining do you think USA will only give RAW two hours again come renewal time to try to boost viewing figures or are they still making enough from advertisers to justify three hours?

They are currently making enough.  I don't see either side wanting to go backwards to two hours.    It's a loss of revenue.

Just wondering, how long have you and Dave Scherer known each other?  Listening to you on audio is like listening to a good sitcom comedy with the back and forth banter and that doesn't come overnight.  How did you guys meet?

I have known Dave since 1994 or 1995.  I've been writing for him since 1996.  We met at the old ECW Arena at what else, an ECW show!  I was aware he was doing writing for an old newsletter called Chairshots and the late Gordon Scozzari, who promoted some shows under the AWF banner, was a friend and told me he thought I'd find Scherer's writing funny.  Dave started his own newsletter The Wrestling Lariat, when Chairshots shut down, and I subscribed to that.  When ECW began running NYC regularly, I pretty much walked up to Dave at the concession stand as we were both on line, told him I was a good writer and was going to send him reports and write for him.  I did and it grew from there, to, wow, over 21 years of friendship.  Life is crazy.

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