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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-24 10:00:00


Why hasn't Zack Sabre Jr. signed with WWE?

Sabre turned them down when he was offered a contract.  He didn't want to sign at this juncture of his career and there's been no sign, thus far, that WWE has reached out since.

It seems lately a lot of the women in WWE or former WWE women are getting their icloud accounts hacked and images and videos are being released. While everyone is entitled to their own privacy outside of the WWE do you think with all the hacks going on they would just be best moving these to another media source such as dvds if they wish to keep them?

I don't blame the women that have had material leaked at all.  That said, I think it's a smart idea that if there's ever anything you don't want someone else to see, you should keep it somewhere safe and private.  Cloud accounts get hacked.  Phones can be lost.  It's just a generally smart idea not to keep anything that you might find embarassing if it leaked out anywhere it can be stolen or lost.  However, in many cases, that material is sent to others and if it is, you can never trust that the recipient can be 100% trusted to keep it from being stolen or to even personally delete it. 

With Anthem behind Impact Wrestling do you think we will see another video game (ps4/X1) from them anytime soon?

Not unless they get a videogame company interested in creating the game.  Right now, I don't see it happening.   They don't have the names needed to promote the name and they don't have the TV home that will help promote it.  I dont see anyone investing in licensing the game from Impact until they right the ship, so to speak.

Do you think Sonjay Dutt is set to hold the X Division title for a long time or is he just a "paper champion" just to please Indian audience?

We are just a few weeks away from Slammiversary, so whether he retains against Low Ki will probably tell the tale as to how long Sonjay's X-Division title reign will run, but I never saw it as a "paper champion deal."  I saw it as a way to give back to someone who's always been a hard worker and a strong asset to Impact as well as creating a special moment in that market.

I know you've talked about this many times but when I had WWE Network I never watched 205 Live. The main reason was they appeared on RAW and then had there own show. No-one knew the wrestlers properly, there was no build to hype them and no interesting storys to get behind.  On a side note those guys have to travel two nights, first to wrestle on Raw, then on 205.  Do they get paid extra for travel?

Talents do not get paid extra for travel.   WWE covers their flights, but they are responsible for their rental cars, lodging and meals.  In the case of the 205 Live talents, they are paid to appear at both tapings.

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