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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-23 10:00:00

Since Batista has done so well in Hollywood, do you think that NOW WWE wants him to come back?  I still laugh when I think about the interview that Batista did where he told the story of Triple H and Stephanie blowing off the idea of him coming back and main eventing Summerslam when the first Guardians of the Galaxy film was out, thinking the film might not be good.  Anyone who saw anything about that film knew it was going to be a hit. 

I think it's pretty obvious to say they would be happy to have Batista back.  They could not see the forest from the trees when it came to the film Guardians film and made a big error in hindsight.

I am hoping you can settle a bet for me: is Daniel Bryan under his old pro wrestler deal or did WWE sign him to a new deal after his retirement?  Does he wrestle again when these deals are up?

Bryan is still under his old contract that he signed as a professional wrestler.   Based on what we have been told, there was never a new deal after he was told to retire after the company decided not to medically clear him to return.   As far as his future, it's pretty obvious that Bryan wants to wrestle and once he is contractually free from WWE, it's quite possible that will happen.

On the thought of seasons off for wrestling.... how about this idea for the WWE?   How about the main roster cycle until the end of April? That way Wrestlemania is their Super Bowl, and they can create cliffhanger storylines.  Then the main roster returns in mid July, where they use SummerSlam as the kickoff for their season?   So that business doesn't in the summer, that's the hot season for the Performance Center hopefuls -- NXT, 205 Live, the Mae Young Classic, and the international brands -- leading to one big traditional Takeover PPV not exclusive to the WWE Network? That could be the anticipation of which Superstar makes it to the main roster for SummerSlam.  And their season ends after Survivor Series, reigniting in time for the Royal Rumble.  Not sure if you would like that, but it's worth a shot.

It's an interesting idea and there is some merit to some of the ideas, but I don't think WWE would ever give the entire roster off for several months at a time.  I do believe that the way they produce TV, it would be rather easy to cycle performers in and out, especially since you can tape promos and vignettes of the characters over the course of a weekend and then spread them out over several weeks/months of TV, so that they still appear although they are really off at home, preparing for a return and getting some much needed time off.

Why did WWE change the design of the Elimination Chamber?

To make it easier to hang in modern arenas.  The shape and size of the original Chamber made it harder and harder for production to utilize as venues were modernized with giant LED screens hanging in the center of the ceilings of Arenas.

Whatever happened to the Mean Street Posse?

Joey Abs lives in North Carolina while Rodney and Pete Gas, who were and are friends with Shane McMahon, live in the Northeast.  Gas still regularly visits at WWE events and was at Wrestlemania weekend earlier this year promoting his fun autobiography Looking at the Lights.

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