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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-16 10:00:00


Several months ago, you reported that WWE had signed deals with Insane Championship Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling to bring their TV shows to the WWE Network, but that hasn't happened.  At what point do you acknowledge that you were wrong and this was incorrect?

Never, because I wasn't.  WWE has signed deals with each group but has yet to move forward with the planned tiered version of the WWE Network that would include that content.  Before you claim I am trying to cover my rear end, last month, WWE's CFO George Barrios publicly mentioned the deals and specifically mentioned PROGRESS and ICW at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference in Boston.    You can listen to that audio at

Why did John Zandig disappear from CZW?

Zandig was injured and broke his back working for another independent group in New Jersey and was forced to undergo back surgery.  Since that surgery, he has not worked for CZW.

I was watching Batman & Robin and I saw Jeep Swenson played Bane. Why didn't WWF try to capitalize on this?

Swenson never worked, to the best of my knowledge, for WWF.  He worked for a short time in World Class and made a few appearances for WCW (after the film came out) but WWF never seemed to take any interest in him for whatever reason.

I have been watching a lot of ECW lately and wondered what you thought was the craziest bumps in the history of the company?

I have seen a lot of insane bumps over the years but the one that always stuck with me was the night Tommy Dreamer was chokeslammed through four tables.  If you look at the footage, where Dreamer is chokeslammed off the top of the old concession stand, he comes dangerously close to landing near a metal pipe that was jutting up from the floor and certainly would have impaled himself if he had hit it. 

The others that come to mind is Brian Lee going off the scaffold through the stacked up tables in the "High Incident" match and Sabu tearing apart his bicep when hitting the barbed wire in the "Born to Be Wired" match.

Whatever happened to ECW star Chilly Willy?  Did he take his name from the cartoon penguin?

After 9/11, William Jones joined the Army and served in the Middle East, where he earned a purple heart.  He was under a WWE developmental deal for a time and now lives in The Phillipines, where he is working and training talents for the Art of War Wrestling promotion.  I've never heard he took his name from the Walter Lantz creation, but it wouldn't shock me.

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