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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-15 10:00:00


How is it that WWE hasn't stripped Brock for not defending the belt since Wrestlemania 33?

They haven't stripped him because the "30 day rule" is a fictional rule they can conveniently ignore any time they want.   WWE isn't locked into anything they don't want to do.  If they could figure out a way to remove the ring and Vince McMahon thought it would benefit the company, they would sure as heck do it. 

If you mean from a storyline perspective, they won't address it, so feel free to fill in the blank yourself.  I'll start by saying Paul Heyman negotiated to have that clause lifted in the contract for the Goldberg match at Wrestlemania.  The end.

What happened to ROH running the 2017 Field of Honor event?

ROH COO Joe Koff told me, when I asked him at the War of the Worlds PPV, that the company and MCU Field could not find a date on their respective schedules that lined up, so they are going to pause for a year and hopefully return in the summer of 2018.

What are the odds of Brock Lesnar fighting again for UFC?

I don't see it.  I think Brock had an itch to scratch and he scratched it, but in doing so, cost himself a bit of money in fines due to failing the drug tests.  I have been wrong before, but I don't think Lesnar wants to go back down that line.

There's been a lot of talk about Impact working with AAA for live events, but thus far, nothing has been announced.  Is all this DOA?

I am told no.  All along, I have reported that Impact was going to be very, very cautious about touring and running live events.  Anthem inherited a company that was very deep in debt and they are not going to do anything that would cause more damage to the company.   Impact has announced a few live events recently.  So, I believe that the combined shows with AAA are still coming, but only if they are likely to break even or make money for the company.

Any word yet on Wrestlemania 35's location?

35?? We aren't even at 34 yet!  No word yet on where the show may be officially, but I am sure that WWE has a plan already.

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