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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-10 10:01:00


Why isn't Dalton Castle getting a massive push in ROH?  It seemed like he was well on his way to a ROH title run and now he's been at the bottom of the War of the Worlds tour and is going nowhere fast.  What gives?

Sources indicate that Castle has not come to terms with Ring of Honor on a new deal, so that would explain why he's been downplayed of late.  They can't put him in a top position if he could conceivably leave at any time.  As far as why he hasn't signed a new deal, my guess is they haven't been able to come up with terms that each side is happy with.  We will see if they do.

Did Alberto Del Rio and Paige ever get married?

As if this writing, no, but they are engaged and we are told, planning a wedding for this summer.

When do you expect Adam Cole in WWE?

If he isn't in NXT by Takeover: Brooklyn, I would be personally stunned.

What exactly was Triple H's punishment for the WWE Curtain Call?  Was it just not getting the King of the Ring win? 

Triple H's punishment was not getting his planned King of the Ring win and the push that would have come with it in 1997 and 1998, which at the time, opened up a spot for Steve Austin to shoot to the top of the professional wrestling world.  The punishment on HHH's part was not so much losing the push and spending about a year being jobbed out, but losing out on whatever money he would have made with the canceled push, because he was working the bottom of the cards and making much lower paydays.  So, from a financial standpoint, he was taking a big dent in the wallet.  From an ego standpoint, he was pretty much having to eat crap until the company decided he had paid his penance.  I think he's done more than fine since then!

Why was Ric Flair's first run in WWF at the time so short? I've heard once that it  was cause if he wasn't going to always be booked as a main eventer then that he didn't want to stay. Is that true? Or is there another reason? I believe if Ric had stayed around, he would had great matches with those that at the  time where coming up in  the business like Shawn Michaels, Diesel or Razor  Ramon. Can you fill me in?

Ric Flair and Vince McMahon had a verbal agreement that if Flair wasn't going to be used in a main event position and had an offer to go elsewhere, he would be released from his contract.  McMahon respected Flair and his legacy enough to give him that promise.  In early 1993, Flair was going to be moved down towards a mid-card position following runs with Roddy Piper, Bret Hart, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan and received an offer to return to WCW from Bill Watts.  Flair asked for the release and McMahon stayed true to his word, giving Flair an unconditional release after he worked a few weeks of TV and house shows putting over Curt Hennig and Randy Savage. 


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