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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-08 10:00:00


I know you recently answered a question, explaining why you think trying to go outside venues to get autographs is a bad idea.  I get that, but if that was my only way of trying to get photos with talent, what would you say then?

It really depends on the moment and situation, but I really advise against it.   I will explain why.  I have seen numerous times over the years when I am arriving at airports the same time as WWE performers on Wrestlemania weekends and it really becomes a mob scene for the talents just trying to get their luggage. Fans will try to congregate at hotels, the airports, restaurants, etc. but that sometimes creates a situation where wrestlers are being bothered during their private time after or before performing.  Sure, they are on the road, but like everyone else, WWE talents deserve their privacy.

You also have to remember that once wrestlers see a mob of fans, they often won't stop to sign because they don't want to give to some fans and not all.  I would advise, as I have previously, that you should see if there are any scheduled signings in the area that weekend.  If you come across them otherwise, treat them respectfully and remember that like you and me, wrestlers can often have bad days and just "not be in the mood" to want to stop and sign, take photos, and chat with complete strangers - it's not a job requirement that they do so, either.

How come Joey Styles hasn't done any indy wrestling commentary since the EVOLVE situation?

Styles pretty much wants nothing to do with wrestling at the moment and considers himself done.  I suspect that deep down, he will eventually return and do some signings or perhaps commentary for someone like his friend Tommy Dreamer, but he has moved on and is working outside of professional wrestling full-time.   He sat down with me for a few minutes when I put together the ECW Barely Legal 20th anniversary audio documentary, but even that, he nearly passed on doing.  He's moved on.

I know this is going to come off silly, but when you run into someone from another website, is there ever an issue?  Like, do you and Dave Meltzer have staredowns at shows?  You and Jason Powell fight it out ever?

This is a silly question, but I'll answer it in all seriousmess.  There's never been an issue in that regard.  In the case of Dave Meltzer, I have met him three times over the years and we've never had a staredown, just nice conversations each time.  The last time I saw him was at a WWE videogame event in NYC a few years back and we had a short but nice conversation.    The reality is that without him being the original Grand Poobah of this genre, the reporting world would be different and I think you have to have respect for the years of work he's put into his writing.  Beyond Meltzer, I've met a number of people over the years, including Brian Fritz, Bill Apter, John Pollock and others but, I don't cross paths with others who write about the business full-time at the level we do very often because we aren't in the same geographic area.  It's not often they are coming to NYC.  I would wager that for pro wrestling, I travel a little more than most and in recent years, even I have curtailed that schedule.  As far as Jason Powell, I believe he is in Minnesota, a State I've never been too, so lucky for him, no fistfights there!  Just kidding, as I have a lot of respect for Jason.

What can you tell me about the first Tori in WWE?

 Tori was portrayed by female wrestler Teri Poch, who had previously wrestled as Terri Power for the old POWW promotion.  Since she departed WWF, she's been living in the Portland area (I believe at one point, she was teaching yoga) but has no had interest in professional wrestling.  I've heard over the years that she's declined invitations to do interviews and appearances, so it's a case of someone moving on to the next stage of their life.   I always thought she was very underrated and I enjoyed her work.  Hopefully at some point, WWE honors her with a Hall of Fame induction.

Any word on an Undertaker return?  After all, no one has ever officially said he was retired....

Nothing has been stated behind the scenes that I have heard as of this writing.  I suspect there's always a chance, but in a lot of ways, the Roman match was believed to be Undertaker's last major Wrestlemania match going in, as we reported several weeks before that show.

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