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By Mike Johnson on 2017-06-02 10:00:00


Brie Bella announced she wants to make a comeback to wrestling but I wonder if that will happen. To me, Brie just oozes "diva" and this is something WWE is moving away from. IMO Nikki has always been strongest of the two but with her time winding down will Brie get a successful solo run?

It's interesting you say Nikki is the stronger in-ring performer of the two as I always felt that was Brie personally.  I think the Bellas have each shown that they were willing to work hard as the landscape of the women's division changed and personally, I have no problem with Brie looking to come back and try to make a mark.  I don't ever see her doing it full-time but with the right angle or story, it could be a cool moment.

While on holiday I used all my data signing up for elite and downloading no stinkin name podcast where you talked vince and ed.  Has Jeff Jarrett taken Ed for a mug and is it Jeff pulling strings over "Broken Gimmick" and Ed just doing what he says due to Jeff's experience? Is Jeff secretly making Ed look bad to get the opportunity to take Eds place and fully run Impact Wrestling?

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I don't believe Jarrett could take over the company from Nordholm as Nordholm works for the owner of the company now.  Could Jarrett have advised him to protect the company from the "Broken" gimmick being taken by the Hardys?  Absolutely.  The final call on that, from what I understand, was Anthem Media itself, not Jarrett.

Here's a question that may cause some debate......(or a simple 'no' answer haha)  There are many industries which falls under competition rules. These top companies owning too much of the market and ensuring consumers have a choice of services to choose from.   Does the wrestling industry need something similar? I think we can agree that WWE owns 95%+ of the industry but now they are launching their own series such as WWE UK. They took the best UK talent they could and tried to cripple UK scene.

I think WWE could argue that just by making their deals with ICW and PROGRESS alone, they could claim they are working to protect the wrestling industry.  The reality is that WWE can't control every venue and every talent and every TV deal, so unless you could prove they are preventing other companies from locking in those elements, there's no monopoly, just a company that is far ahead of every competitor.

Do you see Nia Jax winning the WWE Womens championship sometime this year?

If WWE Creative wants to go that way, sure.   We live in a world where Jinder Mahal is the WWE champion - and I don't mean that in a negative way -  I am just using it as an example of how quickly the landscape can change.

When WWE would appear in my hometown I would always check out the souvenir stand featuring various WWE merchandise. One very consistent fact was the lack of items featuring the women stars of WWE. No posters. 8x10s. T-Shirts. Videos. Action Figures. Etc. Is this the norm at other WWE venues? If so, why? It seems to me that merchandise featuring female stars such as Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Alexis Bliss, Mickie James among others would sell like hotcakes.  Opinion?

I've been to WWE events where I have seen shirts and signed photos sold.  WWE doesn't really sell DVDs or action figures at the live events, but certainly they have at different times.  I think they've done a better job of showcasing the women, including merchandise, in many ways.

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