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By Dave Scherer on 2017-05-31 10:00:00

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Charlotte is one of the best heels in WWE, male or female, and has been for the past several years now.  They built the entire "women's revolution" with her heel character as the centerpiece.  So why in the world is she now a face?  Her face turn happened suddenly and with no real explanation given.  What reason do we now have to cheer for her when we have been conditioned to hate her for the past few years? 

Well, WWE isn’t the best at giving us reasons for things.  The best one I can think of is that if she came over to Smackdown and dominated as a heel, no one there would be looked at as being on her level.  So, they didn’t put her in that situation.  I agree she is so much better as a heel but I can see why they did it.

What's your take on the WCPW YouTube situation, and is there any word on if WWE would be subject to the same recalculations, and finally, if they are do they plan on challenging it. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work. 

I think it stinks, to be honest.  WCPW was good enough to earn with YouTube for months and months and months, then suddenly YouTube changes their mind and really hurts the company.  WWE is fine for now since they market family friendly product…..and do a TON of business.  

In a logical storyline, when Braun Strowman returns from injury, he will have built up a lot of rage against RR. And I presume that WWE will waste it, let it dissipate, and have a few so-so matches.  But in your opinion, when he is ready to return, should they announce it with vignettes, or should he just show up and attack RR?

I have him come back, unannounced, and go on a path of demolition and destruction.  

I can understand why there are things beneath the ring. Things like trashcans, ladders, etc. But why would they put Kendo sticks under the ring? Is there any logic to that, or is just another case of WWE not thinking we'd be wondering?

I think they are left over from Mr. Fuji put bamboo shoots under the fingernails of babyface wrestlers.  Seriously, I have no idea why they would need to be there from a business standpoint.

Why does Impact/Anthem care so much about owning the "Broken Hardy" trademark?  What would they do with it, as long as the Hardys are with WWE?  It's not like they would bring in fake Hardy's, like WWE did with fake Razor and Diesel...or would they?
I wrote a column about that last week.  I am with you on this one.  It would be one thing if it were the WWE and they were going to take it elsewhere, but it’s not.  It’s guys going from a small company to a huge one.  If anything, Impact could have just said, “Fine, you can use it but just not in WWE.”  Instead, they went to war and it has hurt them with some potential customers.

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