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By Dave Scherer on 2017-05-30 10:00:00

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What do you think will change with this new partnership between CZW and the Seattle promotion?

The Championship, over the weekend.  Other than that, to be determined.

It's a lot to ask an audience to stick around for 205 Live tapings after a full Smackdown show, especially when you consider any pre-show and dark matches.  Is audience burnout a significant detriment to the presentation of 205 Live, and if so, why don't they tape 205 BEFORE Smackdown airs, like they do with the NXT matches before a Takeover event?

They want to do 205 Live, live, so they air it after Smackdown.  As I said when they announced it, I thought that was a mistake, for the very reason you mentioned.  Once the “stars” are done at 10 p.m., a lot of people leave.  I also think it was a mistake to put them on Raw.  For one thing, they have been booked overall pretty poorly.  It would have made sense to integrate them into Smackdown, where they could have been booked better and may have connected with the Smackdown crowds.

So many articles about how everyone was so shocked when Jinder Mahal beat Randy Orton. Really??? There are actually people who did not see that coming?? Amazing!The only question in my mind is will he keep the title until WWE gets into India, or is he just the flavor-of-the-month?

I think he has to keep it for a while so that they can see what they have in him.  If he loses it right back to Orton, there is no point in doing this as he will just look like a fluke.  Whether he keeps it until they run in India, I can’t say.  But he needs to keep it for a little while.  As for people who didn’t see it coming, they obviously aren’t Elite Members.

What instrument did Jinder Mahal play in 3 Man Band?

The recorder.  He was taught by the legendary Mike Epsenhart.

Not that this would ever happen, but do you think the WWE would benefit from taking an off season of sorts after wrestlemania. Give the writer a chance to plan storylines out right with potential plan b or c scenarios. But more importantly give the talent a chance to rest their bodies and maybe prevent future injuries/rest their already nagging injuries. You could fill RAW with NXT talent and WWE specials for a month or two. I'm just getting tired of all these guys getting hurt and that being the only time they get "off".

It won’t happen, obviously.  But yes, I think a break would do both the talent and creative a world of good.  I really do.

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