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By Jason Funk on 2017-05-27 09:59:00

Defy 3: Swerve City - May 26th, Washington Hall, Seattle WA

Preshow notes: Meet and greet is with John Morrison, Taya Valkyrie and Impact Grand Champion Moose. 

Defy and CZW announced a working agreement between the promotions a few days ago on Twitter and Facebook so now the Davey Richards vs Leo Rush match is now for the CZW Championship. 

Mike Santiago vs Moose - A good back and forth match between the two. Moose hit his trademark moves and end up winning the match with the Game Breaker. It looked like Santiago hurt his knee that lead to a quick ending. 

Los Sexi Mexis (Sonico and Ave Rex) w/ La Avispa vs The Cunningham (Big Jack & Carl "The Catch") - Before the match starts, Big Jack and Carl jump Los Sexi Mexis and end up powerbombing La Avispa on the hardwood floor. The Cunningshams win with Carl doing a big splash on Ave Rex from Big Jacks shoulders. 

CZW Championship Match: Davey Richards vs Lio Rush - Match starts with Rush standing stoic and Richards asking what he is doing. After two shoves by Richards, Rush slaps him  and the match gets underway. A great match between these two. Richards striking is great and Lio is just so fast and crisp at everything he does it's insane. Richards wins the match with the brain buster into the ankle lock. Richards is the new CZW Champion. Crowd is stunned. Both guys give each other props. Richards tells CZW that if you want your title back, you have to come to the Emerald City to get it. 

After the match, its announced that Defy will be holding the Innaugrual Woman's Tacoma Cup soon. The first entrant is Angelina Love. The second entrant is local wrestler Kate Carny. 

We have a short intermission. 

Mr. Fitness w/ Steve West vs Joey Ryan w/ Eddie Van Glam - An ok match. Mr Fitness strikes looked a little bit soft and it seemed that Joey was leading him through the match. Joey tries multiple times to get Fitness to grab his manhood and finally does and does his usual manhood spot. Joey wins by putting his lollipop in Mr Fitness mouth then superkicking him. 

Christina Von Erie w/ Scotty Mac vs Taya Valkyrie - This was an ok match. CVE took most of this match. Taya would mount small comebacks but get cut off. The ladies have a bit of a chop fest with each other throughout the match. Taya gets the win with a northern lights duplex into the jumping double foot stomp. 

Shane Strickland vs John Morrison - John takes the mic and goes heel on Seattle.  Crowd solidly behind Strickland. A pretty good match between these two. Both guys work well with each other. Some good false finishes in the match and Strickland wins with a triangle key lock. After the match the have a dance off and Taya and Strickland girlfriend also get involved in the dance off. 

Defy returns on June 29th in Tacoma WA and the 30th back in Seattle WA for Defy 4 & 5: Gigantic. 

You can checkout Defy events on or on the Highspots Wrestling Network

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