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By Kendall Jenkins on 2017-05-26 03:15:00

Gambling and Video Game Playing Among Youth

When many amongst us imagine of gambling, what clicks in their minds is casinos, video games, and car games. Though this is not far away from the truth, there are also several other aspects in gambling and video game playing amongst young people.

When we talk of video game playing, we mean risking money with the expectation to win more from the activities. This reward has attracted young people into gaming especially now that video game slot can be played from the comfort of home. Also, the availability and adaptability of these games may also dictate what kind of gaming activities the youth is drawn to. Also, the kind of restriction available is also going to determine what kind of video games teens will be dealing with.

·         How big is gambling and video game playing among young people?

Taking an example of the United States, 80 percent of youth have gambled or played online video slots. This percentage accounts for people within the age of 9 to 18. Though it is only 30 percent of these teens that will gamble within the span of a week, many of them are getting hooked and trapped with a rate higher than that in most adults. From these statistics, 6 percent of these children are already exhibiting problems with gambling. It isn’t so much about the money that these young people loose but rather how this kind of gaming and video game playing affects their lives.



·         What is it about youth or teens that make them especially at risk for these kinds of behaviors?

Unlike a few years ago, gambling has been normalized in all most all parts of the world. Many governments have even established state casinos and lotteries where people of all ages can bet and win. The larger population of adults is seeing casinos like normal gaming parlors which encourage youth to play. However, it is also very clear that the youth gamble for fun and also the promise of winning some extra cash makes the play more enticing.

·         What does research say about the feeling of invincibility and its relationship to gambling?

Research indicates that youth feel strong and invincible, a feeling that assures them that they are not going to lose. Many of these have also played in several other online games and coming into slot videos is seen just like a transition from one area to another. Though these feelings are not realistic, they have fuelled more and more young people into gambling leaving others into great financial strains and struggles.

·         Has mobile and internet technology helped the spread of gambling?

Many experts do agree that the world has shifted online. Playing for money has not been an exception to this revolution with several; if not all video games have been shifted into applications and websites. By so doing, casinos have even made gaming and playing video games easier for people. I mean, with the whole world being engulfed by the internet, any person from whichever corner of the world can gamble and play video games. Tutorials have also been developed to teach newcomers how to play the games making entry very easy.

·         Are the impacts of gambling on young people serious?

Though playing for money is being used as a way for relaxation and entertainment, we should not shy away from the fact that it has had negative effects to its participations. Young people who have been playing for money have reported to experience, physiological, academic and financial problems all brought about by gambling.

·         Does it have any impacts on the society at large, or it just affects young people?

As it continues to evolve- from land-based casinos to online video games, we can just sit down and observe how it is going to impact the larger community. We are no longer in the era of lotteries, gambling is with use when we travel when we are eating and also when we are doing almost everything in our lives. This has been made possible by the internet and the introduction of smart phones. Though it takes a while to become a gambler, its easy availability is expected to have some impact on the larger part of the community.

·         What should parents do with children who have gambling problems?

If you honestly feel that you have a gaming problem, it will not help to keep silence. Several agencies have been established to help people with these problems. Above all, the most important thing is for parents to be keen to identify any gaming addiction among their children. In the same manner, parents talk about drinking, drugs abuse and early pregnancy they should also talk to their children about gambling and how to practice it responsibility if they must gamble at all.

As much as gambling has become an issue among youth, we should not forget that it is being seen as a source of entertainment among them. The truth is, we cannot stop, but we can advise them to carry on responsible gameplay to avoid negative effects in the long run.

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